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Sunday, November 28, 2010

We have achieved solids!

We have achieved solids... well, semi-solids... okay, to be more accurate, mostly liquid with a teensy bit of powdered solid mixed in.  :)  Tonight we finally attempted feeding Mia solids for the first time - and by solids, I mean the infamous rice cereal.  It has you mix one tablespoon of rice cereal with three tablespoons of formula for the first feeding, so it was pretty liquidy. 

We sat Mia in our new space saver high chair (thanks again to craigslist!) and I gave her the spoon while I mixed the cereal and papa watched her.  Don't freak out that it's on the table, Zeus was right there so it was totally safe, and we are going to strap it to the chair.

Mia was fascinated by the spoon.

I had to put the tray on to keep her feet down so they wouldn't interfere with the feeding!

First spoon!

Yum!  Apparently fingers make cereal taste better and/or help it go down.  :)

My smart little cookie!  She totally gets the whole, "The spoon takes the food to the mouth, and you open the mouth to get the food down" bit.  Brilliant!

She actually did a ton better than I thought she would, even though most of it probably ended up on her bib rather than in her mouth.  She seemed to be trying to work it back in her mouth and would open her mouth when I brought the spoon up.  ...That is, until about 4 or 5 bites in when she decided that was enough for her first meal and then she just kept her lips together.  Silly goose!

All finished and cleaned up and ready for story time and snuggles.

So I would deem her first feeding a success.  It will be interesting to see how she does when it's a little thicker and see if that helps or not.  At least with it liquidy, it didn't seem to clump up in her open sinuses.  Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from our little adventure through rice cereal and first feeding.

Spoon?  What spoon?  You didn't give me a spoon, did you???

Ohhhhhhh..... you mean THIS spoon? 

My bad.  I thought it was called a "dinglehopper".  It certainly looks like a dinglehopper to me.  Ah ah ah...  Ah ah ah!  (<--Little mermaid singing.)

Okay, you can have the spoon now mom.



  1. So cute!! I love that she had her hand and spoon in her mouth! Thanks for posting!