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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's that time of the month again...

...NO, not THAT time of the month, silly!  It's time for "Mia's another month old" photos!!!

What?!?!?  Who meeeeeeeeee?!?!?!?!?

I can't believe my little Mia is already five months old!!!

At five months old, Mia:
  • has had her first major cleft surgery and is recovering well
  • still a happy little soul who continues to smile through it all
  • is no longer sleeping through the night - not sure if it's from adjusting after the surgery or not, and we're hoping she picks that back up again SOON
  • giggles more often
  • LOVES to have papa sing her songs and bounce her around - it makes her giggle like crazy
  • has started eating rice cereal (sort of)  :)
  • loves to "stand" when you hold her
  • totally knows who mom and dad are and always has plenty of smiles when we catch her eye - it's the cutest thing!
  • smiles at family that spend time with her and coo and/or talk to her
  • is not so sure about smiling at strangers unless they are holding her and talking in a high voice
  • when strangers try to get her to smile at them, she will often just give them "deadpan" face
  • LOVES her thumb
  • prefers her right thumb and chews/nams/sucks at it a LOT
  • can't seem to be able to drink her bottle without her right thumb or left index finger in her mouth along with the nipple (or when she's feeling adventurous, both those fingers at once)  sheish!
  • can sit assisted and LOVES being strapped in the shopping cart so she can look around and take everything in
  • still does not like tummy time and eventually just lays her head down and chills, silly girl
  • can roll from her tummy to her back
  • rolled over for the first time today from her back to her tummy - Yay Mia!
  • has two bottom middle teeth that came in the week after her 4 month pictures and are super sharp
  • drools like CRAZY, but no new teeth as of yet
  • wakes up happy in the morning and will play with and coo at her feet for a bit - which is way nice for mama when she's been up a few times already during the night
  • loves shoes with shoelaces, though when she has them on the laces are constantly being pulled on
  • loves to try and pull off socks and shoes, and/or put them in her mouth
  • still tries to (and succeeds at) trying to get her feet in her mouth 
  • is still such a joy and we love her like crazy!!!
Sitting up in the high chair at the restaurant - my baby's growing up!

I'm 5 months old, and this is my turkey bib.

Look how big she's getting! (Sorry about the skewed angle of the second one, but you can still see how much she's grown.)
This is how she looks at strangers when they try to get her to smile.  Seriously?!?

So, Mia's done really well with keeping bows on her head and even little knitted caps.  Well, with her lip surgery, we'll need to take precautions that she doesn't sunburn her scar.  Lately when I've taken her out in the stroller, I've wished I had a little baseball cap for her to keep the sun off her face.  I've been looking for baby hats and finally found a few, so I wand to make sure she's use to it so she doesn't pull it off when we're out and about.  I put one on her today and she looked like such a cute little imp that I just had to take some photos.  Here are some of my favorites.  :)

This hat is for ME?!?!?

Awe shucks.  My great big five month old just looks so tiny in her big hat!

Okay, so it's a little big on her but she'll grow into it - and way to fast I'm afraid.


  1. LOL I LOVE the baseball cap . . . That is SO cute! Your little sweetheart sure is growing up!