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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Modesty Schmodesty

So Mia had on the most adorable outfit today - a little dress outfit that I think we got from my friend Amy.  So I decided I just had to get some photos of her before it doesn't fit her anymore, which will probably be like...tomorrow!  It was actually around 80 degrees today so she could actually wear something out that wasn't long sleeves and pants, which is great because we have a TON of cute shower gifts and hand-me-downs that are 3-6 month size but more fitted for warmer weather. 

Here's some photos of my silly goose which were the motivation for the title of this blog today.  :)

Hey you!  For crying out loud, put down that dress and get your hands out of your mouth little goose!!!  :)

MIA... what, are we playing peek-a-boo or hide my face so my mom won't see that I'm trying to get my hands into my mouth?!?

And my all time favorite silly picture from the day:
Wooooooo whooooo!  lol  Such a silly little girl.

Oh, and Mia's apparently learned a new trick.  She's such a smart little cookie:
Feet together? Check!  Hands together? Check!

So, two more days until we are done with arm restraints!!!  Whoooooo RAH! 

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  1. That last picture and commentary made me laugh out loud! Tooooo cute!