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Saturday, November 20, 2010

One Week, and then some, post op

Well, we made it through the first week. At points we never thought we would, but we did. Hooray! 

This past Thursday we made it to one week post op. Yay! Less than one week more of arm restraints - who-flipping-rah!!! Next Thursday we will burn the suckers! :) Just kidding. We are going to save them for her memory box so that she can see how tiny she once was, especially at the time of her lip surgery when she could even slip out of them.

Thankfully the swelling and bruising have subsided and Mia's feeling more herself for the most part, now that we are nine days post op. Here are her one week post surgery photos when she was rocking the pink and white and ruffles. We've done a bunch of pink and purple lately so her arm restraints don't clash with her outfits. Also, that way they look more like an accessory than a necessity.  :)

One Week Post-Op photo shoot

Seriously mom - MORE photos?!?!

"Toots" and her toots - thank goodness she can still reach them with her arm restraints on or things could have gotten real ugly real fast!

Awe... that's my sweet baby girl. But wait, what's wrong with this picture...???

...ah-ha! Someone is missing an arm restraint - it's there, right above her head in the crib - which is hard to see in that sea of "pinkness". Thank goodness no damage was done!

Ten Days Post Op - Saturday, November 20, 2010

This morning I trimmed her steristrip.  It was still attached to her cheeks, but had a gap on either side of her mouth. 

Mia's new little steri-strip moustache.

At certain angles, Mia can still reach to "help" with her bottle.  On rare occasions she will just lay there and tiredly eat.  Some times she is pure helpfulness and wants to help with both hands, while others she wants to play with her feet.  When both the bottle AND her feet catch her attention, what's a girl to do????

SUCH a conundrum.  Bottle or feet, bottle or feet?  Good thing she's got TWO arms so she can do one of each!

A little later I trimmed up the steristrip when I realized that the one side had a lot of unattached tape area.  I carefully trimmed it a little more so that the loose sides wouldn't get caught on anything and rip off with her stitches and cause a major catastrophe (not to mention heart failure on the part of her parents).  Fortunately it went safely.  Unfortunately, Mia's smaller little tape moustache, she bears a "slight" resemblance to, uh, Hitler.  Oh no!  Between that and the arm restraints that keep her little arms straight, it's probably a good thing we aren't currently visiting family in Germany!


Little Adolf, I mean Mia, hanging out in her "exersaucer" - thanks to Auntie Mish not having room to take it to the UK with her.  So glad she's finally able to sit up enough to use it.

Zeus's brother Danny and his family came into town this morning.  We had to get some update photos of Mia and her baby cousin Dahnia.  Dahnia is almost two months old and Mia is almost 5 months old.

Dahnia and Mia - aka Monchichi and Toots

Two cute little cousins!

Chilling in their sunhats from Tia Bertha.  :)

Only five more days of arm restraints!!!


  1. She looks great!! Hang in there with the restraints, we struggled too, but it was worth the effort...what a sweet little lady!

  2. So sweet! Love seeing the pictures! We miss you all so much.

  3. She really does look great . . . Those arm restraints make ME cringe . . . I hate being restrained in any way, but she seems like a little trooper about them (even though she occasionally sneaks out!)

    Love you guys!!! =o)