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Thursday, November 4, 2010

TEETH! No, not tooth, TEETH!!!! and 4 month pics

My baby has her two, yes, two middle bottom teeth cutting through!!! I've been wondering if she was teething because she's been so incredibly drooly lately. Well, yesterday Nikki and I decided that the bottom spot was definitely a bit swollen and today we decided it's for real - you could even feel the sharp little chompers when you rub her gums.

When Zeus walked in the door and we told him Mia cut two teeth, his response was, "Grrrrrreat. Now the doctors are going to have to pull them before she has surgery."  lol  I had to explain to him that no, these were NOT more natal teeth along her cleft like the one she cut at 5 days old, but that these were REAL honest-to-goodness baby teeth and that we would NOT be pulling them.  Silly papa!

I never thought it would be so hard getting pics of little pearly whites, but DANG it was!

Oh my. My baby is growing up!

How many adult fingers fit in a four month old's mouth?  ...about three

not the BEST pic, but you can KIND OF see the little white bumps of her teeth on the bottom there by her tongue

Mia having a blast playing "airplane" with Aunt Nikki and cousin Sofia

My baby is not only cutting teeth, she's already gone and turned four months old on us!  Sadness!!!  I can't believe how fast the time is going!  Zeus and I are both trying our best to savor every single little moment with our precious girl!

my long little skeleton

my silly bones can sit up with support!

On a side note of SUPER SADNESS - only one more sleep until the Lindgren's pack up their little family and leave us.  We are in the depths of despair over it and think they need to move next door as soon as possible.  For reals.

Poor little Sara was crying her little heart out tonight saying, "I don't WANT to go home to Germany.  I want to STAY in Texas with baby Mia."  I got teary just thinking about it and as I talked to her about how it would be okay because we could still Skype and that they should come visit again soon.



  1. Awww so cute/sad that Sara said that!!! It is hard when all the family leaves after a visit! Hang in there!

  2. Oh WOW . . . TEETH!!! Your little princess is indeed growing up WAY too fast!

    I bet you have ALL loved this time spent together. . . How FUN to have so much of your family there for the visit . . . Nikki and her beautiful family . . . Your folks . . . Michael and Deena . . . It would have been PERFECT if Michelle and her family and Tiffany and Kevin and Danny and his family could be there, too.

    HMMMM . . . I was thinking it was just about everybody, but I guess it was really only about half of the Austins gathered there . . . but still, SO fun.

    Your house will feel SO empty and quiet and lonely when everybody is gone . . . But at least you took lots of pictures and will have the memories to treasure . . .

    Poor little Sara . . . I envision regular skype conversations in your futures! (Isn't that what those webcam calls are called?)

  3. LOL @ your little Mia in her 'nice' skeleton costume . . . That was SO cute (Mia NOT nice) . . . which of Nikki's girls said that?

  4. Mish and Sue, SO true! They haven't even been gone a whole day and I miss them like crazy and the house is so quiet and lonely!!!

    Sue - Sofia was the one that said that Mia was NOT nice. lol