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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, November 1, 2010

More pics of family visit!

We are SO enjoying having family in town and the raucous excitement it brings to our little home.    :)  It is going to seem SO lonely and empty once everyone leaves, and Mia's going to feel bereft and alone with out her cute cousins to fuss and coo over her!  lol

Sara loves getting as close to baby Mia as possible and is so cute with her!

Quote of the day was from Claes as Sofia was climbing all over him on the LoveSac - "This girl's about as graceful as a tank!"

Sara and Sofia reading one of their new books with Grandma.

Putting their "piggies" together for goodnight kisses.  Cute book with awesome illustrations by Don and Audrey Wood - "Piggies".

Mia enjoying chilling with Uncle Claes.

Fun little Halloween week outfit.  :)

Playing at the pool - Sara and Fia "cleaning" around the pool with sticks.

while grandpa, mama Nikki, grandma, and cousin Mia look on

Sofia and Sara looking at the HUGE grasshopper Sara found and brought to show her mom - which elicited horrified screams from Nikki, grandma and me!

grandpa, Mia, and grandma chilling by the pool

Claes - the best dad in the world - getting the grasshopper for Sara to take home.  Quote of the day from Sara, "It's dead so we can take it home.  If it was alive we would have to leave it here.  But it's not.  It's dead.  So we can take it home."

Sara was SO excited to loose her wiggly tooth in Texas!  It was her first tooth and the American tooth fairy gave her TEN DOLLARS!!!  Wow, MY tooth fairy never delivered like THAT!  :)

Sofia and Sara with their pumpkins - faces drawn on and ready to be carved the next day

the fam preparing for dinner - Zeus cooked up some DELICIOUS enchiladas that everyone LOVED and devoured!

Mia's little cleft lip pumpkin - we didn't carve it cause it was so little!  Sara picked it out for her and I drew the face.  :)

Mia snuggling Uncle Michael and trying to charm him into giving her a cousin or three...  ;)

My sister Nik and her beautiful family - Nik, Sofia, Claes and Sara

Sofia and papa Claes, and Sara and mama Nikki carving pumpkins

Sofia's gooey fingers from digging out the guts

Sofia and Sara were WAY excited to help me give Mia her bath

they helped get Mia VERY clean and had fun rinsing her off with water and scrubbing her with wet cotton balls... I told Nik she should have another one since she had such great helpers... she declined to comment... 

Mia trying to touch the water - little cutie pie

clean snuggles with mama after bath time

Zeus called today to try and reschedule Mia's surgery at the hospital here in town. We heard back from Shriner's and they wanted to have a preliminary meeting with us on the same day - November 10th.  Shriner's will do Mia's lip and palate surgery for free.  FREE.  It would be such a blessing to not have the financial burden, but our primary concern is that Mia receives the best possible surgery and care.  So, we are going to drive down to Houston next week to meet with their team and see how we feel about it.  The team here is going to see if/what's available in December and get back to us, so we will be driving to Houston the original surgery day instead to meet with the Shriner's team. It is such a scary decision. After the fiasco tonight with getting her NAM in, I'm ready to have had the surgery last week, but then I think, we've already been doing this for 3 1/2 months, what's a month or two more in the grand scheme of things?SO many more pictures to share, but it's just after midnight and I need to get some sleep.  More pics soon of our fun "trunk-or-treating" and all three girls all dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

On a happier note, Mia's started giggling more regularly and it is SUCH a joyous sound!!! :) We took a ton of pics of her and her cousin's in their Halloween get up. It was funny because when Sofia asked where Mia's costume was and I showed her Mia's skeleton outfit, she said as we were walking back down the hall, "Mia is NOT nice. Sara and I are nice, but Mia is NOT nice." It took me a second to realize that she thought Mia's costume was mean/scary. lol I told her that Mia's LOOKED scary, but it was really a NICE skeleton. ;) She said, "Ok," and trotted off to the next thing. Silly kids!


  1. Such FUN pictures!! You better send some for the calendar. It looks like everyone is having a blast!! I love the cleft lip jack'o lantern too!! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Aww sooo cute!!! I love all these pictures!! (o: Do you guys have any plans on going to CA anytime in the not too distant future?

  3. It is SO fun to get to enjoy the family get-together vicariously through these pictures . . . THANK YOU for posting so many of them. It looks like everybody is having an absolute BLAST . . . I SO wish I could have been there, or at least dropped in to give everybody a hug!

  4. Hello,

    I am adopting a 3.5 year old with cleft pallet. We plan to have surgery at Dell Children's Hospital. May I give you a call to learn from your experineces? My email:

    Jeremy G sent me in your direction. Thank you in advance.

    Matthew Meyers