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Friday, November 12, 2010

Quick surgery update

Just a quick note.  We wanted to let everyone know that Mia was a trooper through surgery, all went well and she is doing well enough today that we are being released and driving home from Houston this afternoon.  Mia had her lip revision surgery yesterday morning.  It was a rough day and night with a very sad little girl.  She hardly ate anything yesterday until night time and then started out very slowly, only eating an ounce to an ounce and a half at a time.  We did a lot of walking the hall with her in our arms or in her stroller as that seemed to be the only thing that could distract/soothe her.  She slept in her stroller so that she could stay upright to help reduce swelling and finally this morning she started eating better and at one point we were up to 4 ounces.  Of course, this last feeding we could only get 2 ounces down her again. 
Thank you so much for keeping her and our little family in your thoughts and/or prayers!  I will update soon with pictures and more information.  We finally found out today that there was one room in the hospial WAY down the hall that if you sit RIGHT against the window you can get a faint signal SOME time.  Otherwise, there is no internet in the hospital so I was unable to upload pictures or blog. More to come soon.  Hopefully all will go smoothly on the 3 hour drive home!

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