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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Peeing in the car

So Mia's been doing a really good job with potty training lately (most days) and it's really actually surprising me! Of course, she's not considered totally potty trained since she sleeps at night and nap in a diaper and has yet to poop in the potty. She's just so little and I can't believe she's really kind of getting the hang of it. The first three or so days she would sit on the potty for half a second and then be up and down and up and down. Now she actually SITS, and not just sits, sits with a purpose and sits for longer than half a second! She's started pulling down her pants and undies when she has to go, which is a pretty big signal. Thankfully she's able to hold it as we walk to the bathroom, and doesn't just drop the pants and go!  lol

She's also having fewer and fewer accidents. The first few days she averaged about 2-3 a day. On Tuesday she had one accident in the afternoon when I was doing a water measuring experiment with my tutoring girls - guess the water did her in. Yesterday she had one accident - she got put in her bed for a minute for having a screaming fit and during that time pulled a "poop flinging monkey" and angry-peed in her bed. Argh! However, today, NO accidents. NO ACCIDENTS TODAY!!!!  :)  YAY!!!!  We even went to Gideon's house and then out running errands for HOURS and my little baby girl had no accidents. It blows the mind! I was so worried when we spent an hour and a half in Costco that she would have an accident but she didn't! I guess one of my biggest fears was having her pee in the car and then start seeing that sitting in her car seat was the cushy equivalent to peeing on the potty.

Little side note. Many months ago as I was carrying a much younger Mia into Costco I saw a mom open the back hatch of her car and proceed to pull down the pants of their 3 year old and sit them on a potty chair in the back of the car. In the back of the car! In public! I thought, "Oh my goodness, really?!?!?"

Parking lot of Costco. Mia. Today. Going on the potty.
Yup, I am now THAT mom.

Today I sent many thanks into the universe to that brilliant mother who helped me solve the, "What do I do when I'm out and about with my "potty-training-in-process" daughter who will totally FREAK OUT if I try and put her on a normal size toilet?" problem. It further resolved my resolution to never judge others, because you never know when you will become that person you were so caught off guard by. One day you just may suddenly find yourself being able to answer that question you asked yourself - "What are you thinking?!?!" I thought that on that fateful day so many months ago. Well, now I know. I was so worried about her peeing in the car. Well, she peed in the car today and I was THRILLED about it!  :)

Mia trying to make herself a little less conspicuous by putting on her sunglasses.  :)
I think it worked.