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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silly little monkey

I might have a renter for my Utah house. Hooray! Needless to say, with that good news and a good night's sleep, today is a better day. Thank goodness for small miracles.  

Speaking of small miracles, mine is such a silly little monkey!  :)  Here are some recent photos of her that make me smile.

Look at me mommy! I fit in the big girl car seat!!! ...Mommy, why are you crying?!? I'm growing up, but it's okay! Look, I'm SO big!!!

Hello. Hello? Is anybody there? I got new shoes and I love talking on the phone. Hello...?

Okay, thanks Gid, you hold my shoe while I work on getting the other sock off... Oh, and can you keep an eye out for my mom so she doesn't realize what I'm doing...? She just BARELY put them on me, so she might have mixed feelings about this situation...

Okay, go straight ahead, then left at the corner... 
...What do you mean back seat driver?!? This is my hood, I know the way to the park!  :)

The face of perpetual motion. ...Which is why that's the only part of her that is semi-focused... lol

Little cutie-patootie in her little pigtails and purple Converse shoes.

Look Mom! I have a new trick! I took off my pajamas!!! All by myself!!! Yup, pants AND shirt!!! I've got MAD SKILLS!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My saving grace

Things have been rough lately. Everything's seemed hard and discouraging and the hubby's been irritating (as opposed to me being irritating, I'm sure - lol) and I've just been feeling really overwhelmed and really stressed and really ready to throw in the proverbial towel. Today I'd had it so Mia and I went for a drive and where we ended up there was a PetSmart. Mia loves dogs so I figured it would be a fun thing to go and walk through the pet store and look at and talk about all the animals. She got the biggest kick out of the dogs that the owners had brought into the store with them. She starts "ooh"-ing and giggling and gets so excited. She also enjoyed the birds because there was so much movement in the cages. I wish I'd have gotten a video of her with this one lady's Jack Russel terrier, but I WAS able to get this one of her by the fishes but every time I try to upload it, it shuts down my browser! Just my rotten luck. Sigh...

Guess we'll have to go with photos instead, and goodness knows, I've got plenty of those!  :)  Last weekend we went to a UT (no, not Utah, but University of Texas, for all my Utah family who might be confused by that) tailgate. It just so happens they were playing BYU which is a Utah team.  lol  Thus, Mia wore her UT Longhorn orange.  I sent this photo to my best buddy up in Utah who is a BYU fanatic with the following captioning.

Lord, please let my Longhorns beat Uncle Iain's Cougars.  lol

Watching the game and excitedly clapping along with the excited spectators - Mia gets really excited when other people clap and cheer and always has to join in.

Earlier that day we'd gone to a Cleft Seminar near Dell Children's Hospital. I'd been looking all over for some cleft themed shirts and just haven't found any that I liked, so a week or so before the seminar I decided to make my own!  :)  Needless to say, I played with some different designs on the computer - I knew what I wanted it to look like, but it was tricky getting it to look like it wasn't drawn by a five year old. I asked the hubby if he minded if we all wore shirts that were the same, and he wondered if I could tweak something so that they weren't all EXACTLY the same. So, last minute I made a change to the color of the hearts for each of our shirts. Then Zeus said, well can mine be in Spanish? Luckily he got his request in before they were printed and already made. I finally got it all figured out and was finally ironing away like crazy at midnight the night before the seminar conference.  lol 

Unfortunately Mia was way overdue for her nap by the time we got home, so she went down for her nap before we thought to get a group shot. Luckily we'd gotten some of her before and after in her shirt.  :)

I made this shirt for a mommy I've messaged back and forth with a few times on my cleft group who just had a baby girl with a unilateral cleft lip. Since her baby's so new, she didn't make it to the seminar, but she saw the photo of it that I posted on the group and sent me the sweetest text about how she'd seen the post and it'd made her cry and she copied the photo of it to her facebook and it'd made all her lady friends cry, which in turn made ME almost cry.  :)  

I SO wished I'd have had onesies like this to put Mia when she was brand new and prior to her lip surgery. I would have had her wear a different color or design every day!  :)  When you have a baby that's born with something that's a deviation from the norm (I hate the word birth defect, because my beautiful, spunky little girl is in NO way defective), you want other people to see the beauty that you see in them. You want to shield them from all the ugliness in the world, but you don't want to hide them or have others think you are embarrassed of them, because you aren't!  I'd love to be able to give every new-born baby one of these onesies. 

I've gotten some great feedback from them, so I think I'm going to start a mini-small business and make these to share. My hope is to be able to get it all worked out so that I can donate part of each purchase to to help pay for cleft surgeries. Anyhow, that's the plan.

My old computer is having trouble uploading more photos right now, so I guess that's it for tonight. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Catch'in Up

It's been a busy few weeks. Arm restraints came off, Mia sprouted a new tooth - on the roof of her mouth no less, we went to a friend's niece's quincenera (sweet 15 type of Mexican party), and now we are battling the "icks". So, here's the past little bit in photos:

This is one of my silly favorites - my new phone screen saver.

Mommy and Mia - quick break from the arm restraints at the restaurant.

Who's that cute little mouse?!?!  :) Costco was selling these huge Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals.
We had a fun time ripping paper.

Decided to start trying to climb anything and everything.

Went for a wagon ride with my friend.

Decided to climb some more and give mommy heart failure.

Was super sadness so we went for a walk to check the mail.

Was still super sadness. - She was breakin' my heart! Super snuggly and fussy and so incredibly sad. She hadn't been this sad an inconsolable in a long time.  :( 

Ice cream helped a LITTLE, and that's when I got her to let me take a quick look in her mouth and I spied that darn new tooth on the roof of her mouth - through her newly repaired palate. Sigh...  Apparently it REALLY hurts and for quite some time. My poor sweet baby!

"All you need is love." Mia's new outfit from Great Uncle Harold and Great Auntie Charlotte, as part of a post-surgery care package made us all feel better.  :)  Thank you!!!

Papa and Mia at the quincenera Mass - she loved her shiny black shoes.  :)

And then one with mama and her pink favorite pink blankie.

Family photo at the quincenera reception hall.

Mia LOVED the cumbia music that the band played and was bopping her head along to the music. Here she is clapping away with papa - a huge old grin on her face. We were glad she enjoyed the music, but she just could not wind down - not only because of the music but because of all the people-watching there was. (She is her mother's daughter on that one!)

She finally passed out around 11:30 pm, but unfortunately it was a 30 minute power nap and then she was up until 2 am. Next time we go to a quincenera, mama and Mia are leaving at Mia's bedtime.  :(

More on the over-the-top quincenera that was probably in the $20-30 grand price range later. Yeah, crazy price range!!! I kept telling Mia, "Don't even THINK about it honey!"  Hopefully she won't remember it by the time she's turns 15!  :)