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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well, for the first time this is Zeus at the helm. My sweetie stayed at Shriners' Hospital to watch Mia. We had an appointment just to MEET the surgeon interested in doing Mia's surgery. Just to get to the point. Within 1hr of meeting Dr. Blackwell, we had an offer of doing Mia's surgery TOMORROW!!!!

The day started in Houston for a consultation on Mia's surgery. Shriners Hospital had offered to do the surgery. Darice and I decided to look into the possibility of accepting. The surgeon is Dr. Blackwell who apparently has been doing Mia's type of surgeries for 25 years.

We get there this morning only to find out that the surgery that Dr. Blackwell had scheduled for tomorrow is a no-go. Poor child had strep and can not go through surgery and the back-up couldn't make it into town in time. The Doctor looks at me and Darcie and says, "HOW ABOUT TOMORROW". Our jaws hit the ground.

So, we accepted and Mia will have surgery tomorrow morning.We would like to ask for a huge favor from our blog reading friends and family. Please summon your positive vibes, thoughts and or prayers to Houston, Texas. My little Mia is quite the traveler. From Austin to Seattle and then to Utah, now Houston...

Mia will have surgery at 7:00 a.m. Thursday 11/11/10. One of the toughest things to do is say goodbye to her little smile. If this world was not so cruel, we would not do the surgery. We are blessed with an angel who will develop a new little smile. Thank-you all for your love and support.

We drove to Houston for a 3hr. just to meet a Doctor. Here we are agreeing to have Mia's surgery in 24 hrs. We feel that both Dell Children's Hospital and Shriner's both have EXCELLENT Cranio-facial teams but decided to go with Shriner's. Shriner's will now do every single of Mia's surgeries until the age of 21 if need be. What a blessing. Anyone wanting to donate to a charity, Shriner's is definitely worth it(wink-wink). Well, not as exciting as my honies writing skills, but right to the point. Please send your blessings or keep us in your thoughts. We thank-you for your friendships and support.



  1. Such a sweet baby and smile! (Love that pic!) I'm sure the surgeries will have benefits far beyond the look of a new smile - in helping her breathe and eat better and keep free of infection. We are definitely praying and thinking of our sweet, little niece and both you and Darcie! I wish we were still in Austin so we could be of help. Big hugs from across the pond!

  2. Ok, I read this after the fact, but you guys are still in my prayers. The next days are going to be hard, so hang in there. Good Luck!

  3. I was relieved when I got the text message that Mia did well during the surgery!! Hope she recovers quickly, so we can see her show off her "new" smile (o:

  4. We know that the surgery was a necessity for Mia's growth and development and will greatly help with speech and eating issues, but it's still hard to have your little one undergo surgery. It's so hard tof see that little face that you know and love change, and to know that they will be going "under the knife" and be in pain after surgery. We will really miss her wide little split smile!!!