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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day One - Surgery and Recovery

Thursday, November 11, 2010

When Mia first got out of surgery, I remember her crying in the recovery room and Zeus and I trying to comfort her and see her little mouth.  When she cried her sad little cry, her mouth was open a tiny amount and I could see her gums where her teeth use to be.  Instead of two little white teeth, I saw two little dash like slits in her gums.  Pobrecita, I guess what ever they used to help hold her mouth open made her gums swell up around her two little chompers.  (Luckily they have since reappeared!)

Immediately after surgery (around 10:30 am), Mia, not surprisingly, would not take her bottle. We had sugar water in it from the hospital - the same stuff that we'd given her the night before when she could only have clear liquids. She wouldn't touch the stuff. We finally got the okay around 4 or so that evening I had Zeus as the nurse if we could try giving her formula and see if she would take that since she wasn't taking the other. They okayed it since it had been hours since surgery and she hadn't thrown up or anything from the anesthesia. Thankfully she took it, but after only taking an ounce and half she was done. Then it was about 4 hours before she would take any more and then she would only take about two ounces. She was super sadness and even snuggling wouldn't help. As I said before, the only thing that seemed to distract her and/or comfort her was strolling the hospital halls. I don't know how many laps we did that afternoon and throughout the night between feedings every three hours. Throughout the night she was still only taking around two ounces of formula at a time.

Rocking with papa right after she came out of recovery.

Being watched over closely by mama and papa.

Mia's new little precious face staring intently at the bird mobile hooked to the hospital bed.

Mia resting inclined in her car seat (green blood pressure cuff on her leg) before we realized she'd have more room and be more upright in her stroller.

Unfortunately, while Zeus was snuggling Mia on his chest, she turned and bobbed her little head against his chest. It wasn't hard enough that he noticed or that she cried out in pain, but it caused the wound site to ooze some blood. When he laid her down, you couldn't tell yet, so we didn't realize it until she woke up from a nap. He felt absolutely horrible about it, but it was a total accident and she doesn't seem to have any problems from it.  You can see that the steri-strip has some blood on it in the picture below.

Mia's bed for the rest of the day and night and next day until we got to go home. Oh wait, it's still her bed - that and the bouncer.

Putting an outfit on for the first time after surgery - thank you back-up outfit from the diaper bag that happened to snap up the front so that we didn't have to put it over her head!

our sweet little one

Our serious little one was NOT a fan of the arm restraints.

Mia is such a happy little smiley soul that I was worried about her not being able to smile or then smiling and doing damage to her surgery site. So far, however, so good - no damage done. :)

Mia's first post-surgery smile was later that night, tough you could hardly tell because her little face is still so swollen that it ended up being just a tiny squint of the left eye and a tiny little movement on the left corner of her mouth. So cute, but in a sad little way!

I wasn't sure we'd make it through day one - hardest day EVER - but somehow we did.

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