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Monday, May 24, 2010

best husband ever

So I just read my sister Mish's blog and saw that she didn't sleep good last night EITHER! I swear I woke up every hour until around 2 am to go to the bathroom and then my back was super achy and I had hard times falling BACK to sleep. Then I had crazy, tiring dreams to go along with it once I finally DID fall back to sleep. Also, my husband was sleeping so quietly that I keep feeling his chest to make sure he was still breathing and then worried about THAT. Jeez Louise. Needless to say that when my alarm when off at 5:30 am, I was not too excited to get up and get started on my day. I could SO go for a nap right now, but have to go get my kiddos from recess in about 4 minutes - thank goodness today is my ONE day off of recess duty cause it is SO hot and humid outside.

Well, my husband woke up when I did for a second as he rolled over to my comfy side of the bed. I asked how he slept and he said, "FABULOUS!" I told him how jealous I was and about my NON-restful night of sleep. When I got out of the shower, that sweet man had gotten out of bed and was cooking Mia and I french toast. He is such a sweetie! I am seriously one lucky lady! He even packs my lunch for me every day so that Mia and I can eat healthy. :)