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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Days Five and Six

Day Five - Monday, November 15, 2010

Wow, what a rough day!  Mia didn't eat or sleep well at all and was fussy again.  I'm thinking I may have stopped the pain meds too soon since she was still not herself.  We started the Tylenol again and that helped, but we still ended up doing lots of holding and snuggling as well as popping her in the stroller again to go for a distracting walk.

Sucking on that lower lip... again.  :)

Still a little bruised and swollen.

Oh the sadness!

Lulled to sleep by the beloved swing - thanks again Haggards!!!

Just can't help but smile... on a rough day, little darling.

But then sadness again...

So we bundled up and went for a walk.

..which ended up cheering up the little munchkin...

...and lulled her right to sleep.  Wonderful stroller - thank you craigslist!

Mia striking a lounging pose in her super-duper insulated outfit that she wore on the stroller outing sine it was CHILLY!

Changing back into outfit out of the super-duper insulated one now that we're back home.  Even with the arm restraints off, it still takes her a few to realize she can actually bend her arms again.  Pobrecita!

Day Six - Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day six started out well for most of the morning and early afternoon, but then it went down hill rather quickly later in the afternoon.  Thankfully, after a long afternoon nap, Mia was in a good mood for visitors later that evening.

Cutie-patootie in her pj's first thing in the morning.  Thanks Amy for the pass along pj's from the twins!

Early morning smiles.

Had to take off the bib for the cute saying on the onesie - she is TOTALLY "mommy's little alarm clock", and since surgery that little alarm clock is going off at 6 am instead of 8 am.  Sadness for the mama!

Another new first - BUBBLES!  We've never had bubbles before, but now that she has her new little lip she's doing all kinds of new little things!

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  1. When does she go back to the surgeon for a recheck? It is so good to see pictures. Sadness to see her so upset...hopefully those big, heart-felt, head to toe smiles will be back soon. Tons of prayer being sent your way. Love ya!