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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two month check-up and shots = SADNESS! :(

Yesterday was Mia's two month check-up with the pediatrician and time for some immunizations.  My poor sweet baby girl got three, yes I said THREE, shots yesterday.  I had to hold her in my lap while the nurse did the shots and it was so terribly sad.  She SCREAMED and she is SO not a screamer.  It was this horribly sad little high pitched scream that about made me cry!  Afterwards we did "snuggle, snuggle, comfort, comfort" time and thankfully she calmed down relatively quickly and the whole ordeal was promptly forgotten for the moment. 

Here are some pictures from the doctor's office that I texted some of my family and friends.  Don't worry, no actual shot pictures!

What do you mean I have to get three shots?!?!  Are you SURE!?!?!  (Please let them be wrong!)

But I'm so healthy and so very cute.  How can you even THINK about giving me THREE SHOTS?!?!?

Do you not see my onesie?  It says, "Tweet me NICE."

Hmmm.  Well, I guess you've left me no other choice.  I'll just have to scream then - oh, and prepare  yourself, because it's going to be the sad little high-pitched kind of scream that rips your heart out.  :(

Such sadness!!!

Poor little bandaged and achy legs.

Thank you, magical combination of children's Tylenol and soothing swing.  Finally sleeping peacefully in spite of her mean mama letting the nurse give her shots.

Definitely NOT mama's favorite day ever.

For Sofia

So, my sweet little nieces in Germany are coming to visit at the end of October (HOORAY!!!), so my sister Nikki has been talking to them about us and looking at pictures on our blog.  A few weeks ago Sofia asked to see pictures of Mia so they got online to check out the blog pics.  Sofia turned to her mom very concerned and asked if Mia had legs.  :)  Little cutie.  I guess I don't have a lot of pictures that show Mia's little legs, so here you go Sofia, proof that your little cousin Mia really DOES have legs.  lol

I took some pictures specifically for Sofia and tried to email them via my phone but I guess it doesn't work through to Germany, so here's some other ones since I already deleted the others from my phone.  Hugs to Sara and Sofia and the family in Germany from your family in Texas! 

All toasty and warm and lotioned up.

And the legs WITHOUT pants - to prove that there really ARE legs under those pant pictures.  lol

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mia pics and video

Sorry, but we just can't get enough of her, and now that mommy's feeling a little better, prepare yourself for mass Mia picture posting!  :)

Holy Hannah does a having a baby change your whole view of packing for a trip!  How many bags and items did we check for our little Mia?  Can you say FOUR?!?!  Car seat, stroller, diaper bag, and big black duffel bag with diapers, wipes, blankets, outfits, socks, hair bows, and a thousand misc items of necessity.  Oh my!

Our little family heading out on our first family flight/trip to Seattle for Michael and Deena's wedding.

Mia's first flight and a little smile caught on video.  Mia did great on the flights to and from Seattle and just chilled on mommy's pillow on either mama's or papa's lap.  Such a great baby!!!

Yay! - cooler Seattle weather means we can finally use some of the cute long sleeved outfits we were given!

Our little family on our first "cruise", a boat ride to an island in Seattle, dinner on an island and then a ride back.  All bundled up on the chilly ride over.  I think Mia liked the rocking of the boat.  :)  Thanks to Auntie Brienne who's cousin hooked us all up.  We were able to go on the $80 a person tour for only $20 a person - woooo whoooo!!!!  Smokin' hot deal!!!

Our little cutie pie, all bundled up and wide awake in mama's arms.  Love those big brown eyes!

Oh, and there WERE other people from the family on the trip.  :) 

Newlyweds Deena and Mike (oh, and us in the background).  :)

Grandma snuggling on grandpa, Uncle Kevin, and Uncle Dan and Auntie Brienne with Dan doing his sexy "kissy lips" pose once again.  :)

Where's darling cousin Sadie you ask?  Well, down here of course, enjoying the view from her stroller. 
Such a smiley little thing!

Grandpa, Uncle Kevin, and Auntie Tiffany chillin' on the boat trip over.

Now, here are some of Mia's "official" one month old pictures that we were finally able to take now that we are home safe and sound and have the blanket and giraffe for the monthly shots.  :)  Thanks to Auntie Michelle who got Mia the blanket.  It's design name is Mia Rose, so we just had to register for it and Auntie Michelle couldn't resist getting it for her when she saw it's name.  Thank you Auntie Mish, even though you are now officially "across the pond" in the UK, we won't forget you!!!

All stretched out in a food coma.

Oh, little one, all stretching and yet not...  :)

In grandma Lina's rocking chair as cozy as can be.

Tia Bertha learned how to feed me her very first try!!! 
(Mama was a little - okay a LOT - envious of her learning curve, but don't tell Tia Bertha.)

Below are some practice shots of Mia on papa's arms.  We're going to try again when she's in a milk coma and not quite so wiggly, though we think we still got some good shots.

I love this one of her stretching!  :)

Reading with mama.
Auntie Jaclyn sent us this book in a care package for Mia, along with another book and some darling outfits.  You can always count on teacher friends to send books for babies!  :)This one is our current favorite and Mia loves to be read to.

And last, but not least, a video.  :) 
Mia has, in the last few days, started smiling more and more. 


Thursday, August 5, 2010

First really crazy comment...

So, we had our first really crazy comment about Mia's precious little face and survived without any emotional scaring.  Zeus handled it so well.  I was taken aback and left speechless for a moment.  I'm so glad that she'll have her surgeries out of the way before she understands stuff like that that people caught of guard can unwillingly say.

We were waiting for our second leg of the flight back home from Seattle and were waiting at our gate in the Phoenix airport.  There was this little old man that Zeus had helped find the gate he was flying out of which happened to be our gate.  I'd had Mia in the bathroom changing her and the poor old man couldn't figure out his gate number and had confused his ticket number for his gate number.  It just so happened that he was flying out the same gate we were, so later on he wandered over and said hello.  I had taken off her NAM device because it was driving me crazy and slipping down, so her little lip was free of any devices. 

He asked how old the baby was and leaned over to look at her.  When he saw her little face he blurted out, "Oh!  There's something wrong with her nose!  Are they going to cut that off?" 

While my chin hit the floor, her sweet papa said calmly and matter-of-factly, "No, they are going to sew it together and fix it."

What a great man I married.  I can't even imagine what I might have said in response to that comment if I had been alone and once I recovered and picked my jaw up off the floor.  I wasn't mad, just totally caught off guard.  There definitely would have been an awkward pause before some kind of response about it being a cleft lip and her going to have surgery to correct it in a few months.  Poor old man, I'm not even sure if he realized how crazy his comment was or if he was just totally oblivious.  Zeus was able to respond so quickly and in a way that calmly gave him the facts without making him feel bad about his comment, and that was that.

Good job papa!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mia is one month old already!!!

Mia was one month, one day old for uncle Michael and aunt Deena's wedding.  Here are some pictures recent Mia  pics of our growing little bundle of joy!

Almost a month old, chilling at home while mama packs for the trip to Seattle for the wedding. 

Mama and papa love my soft head of hair.

Family photo at breakfast, the morning of Michael and Deena's wedding.

Multi-tasking family, getting ready for the wedding - Mama tying papa's tie while papa feeds Mia.

Papa burping Mia outside Clise Mansion where the wedding and reception were held.  Notice papa's fancy burp rag - a bandanna!

Mama with Mia in the baby Bjorn with Uncle Dan and cousin Sadie who LOVES babies and was so gentle with baby Mia.  :)

Quick family photo before the ceremony started.

Getting snuggled by papa during the wedding dinner - papa doesn't even mind the sweet baby Mia drool on his shirt.

The cousins who were able to make it to the wedding.  Mia - 1 month, Christopher - 2 months, Nathan - 2 years, and Sadie - 9 months.  We are so sad that Sofia and Sara couldn't make it from Germany to make the cousin pic complete.

The Austin kids with their kids (minus Nikki and her girls).  :(
Darcie and Mia, Michelle with Nathan and Christopher, and Dan with Sadie.

Our wide-eyed girl hanging with papa the day after the wedding at one month and two days old. 

Here are some Mia pics from the last month.  We can hardly believe our baby girl is already a month old!!!  We are currently in Washington state with family for my brother Michael's wedding (info and pics soon), but I wanted to catch up and post a few of the thousands of pictures we have taken of Mia so far.  :)

Hard to believe that a little over a month ago we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mia.  51 inches of mama's tummy worth of little angel baby!  We thought she'd NEVER arrive.

Heading to the hospital to start the induction on June 29th.  We went in at 7 pm and Mia arrived the next day.  Zeus's shirt is wet from loading the hospital bags in the car on that rainy day.

The AMAZING doctor and her nurse.  Dr. Yoo took such good care of Mommy and Mia!

A gift from mommy's friend Jaclyn - wrapped up almost as cute as the sweet bundle next to it.

Mommy, cousin Chayo, and Mia.  Chayo was so cute holding Mia and did SUCH a great job - a natural little mama!

Cousins Carlos and DJ love their little prima Mia.

Tia Hilda, Tio Danny, Mama, Papa,
Tia Bertha holding Mia, and cousins DJ and Carlos came to visit to see little Mia.

Mia LOVES the swing that Auntie Heidi gave us - thank you Haggard family!

Close up of Mia with her "tape" in her cute "I make daddy smile" outfit from the papa's friends the Hogan's - so cute!  They keep Mia stylin' by generously passing along the cutest outfits!  (The tape is one of the stages to pull back that front premaxillary area in preparation for surgery.)

Mia meets papa's papa - grandpa Agustin.

Our precious baby Mia in her darling outfit and matching blanket from Auntie Brenda - aka Zeus's second mama from work. It's SO darling! It was the perfect outfit for Uncle Michael's wedding and looked so incredibly adorable!

Here's a picture of Mia's NAM device. This is the second stage in preparation for her lip surgery at 4-6 months. This replaces the tape and helps pull back that front lip and gum portion in a more permanent way than the tape.

Thanks to a well-timed yawn, you can see the device in her mouth, how it wraps around the premaxillary gum and lip area and covers up the front portion of her hard palate.  The dark pink area in the back is where her soft palate is open up into her sinuses.

Mia from the front with her NAM device in.