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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pre-Birthday Photos

So the other day I decided to take some photos of Mia for her birthday announcement.  I'd gotten a few bags of  clothes off of craigslist and in it was this cute little cupcake outfit that was brand spankin' new - even still had the tags on it!  The shirt was long sleeved, but I figure we were taking the photos indoors so it would be okay, even though the OUTSIDE weather here has been in the 100's.  I'm still working on the birthday announcement / party invitation, but had to post a few of the photos I was able to snap of her in her cute little cupcake outfit.  I had to use my ancient digital camera that flashes like twenty times before it takes the photos, so there were a lot of "almost" good photos before I was able to get some good ones.  For some reason I can't find the darn charger to my really nice digital Cannon.  The last time I had it, I remember thinking, "I need to put this some place safe so I'll remember where it is..."  Famous last words.  Anyways, here's the photos.  :)

Little cheezer grin.  :)

About ready to "plop" down from the couch - aka, the "hiney lean".

The tippy-toe to reach stuff mom moved out of the way for picture time.  See her little tan toots and her hair is coming in more - yay!  Man I love this little bug!

Man we love this little girl so much and to such degree that we can't even put it into words.  She's the best thing that's ever happened to us on so many different levels.  Case in point, the following conversation we had the other night as we were playing with Mia.

Me:    Do you think there's any way we could ever love another child as much as we love Mia?
Zeus:  I was just thinking that same thing today.
Me:    So do you?
Zeus:  I don't know.
Me:    Yeah, me either.  I think all mom's must love their first kid more than all the rest.  (This was said with a big grin, because I'm the oldest kid in my family.)  :)

So I get the bright idea to call my mom and ask her, since I'm pretty sure she loves me the most - seeing as how I'm the first and favorite child.  :)  I told her the conversation Zeus and I had just had and how we were wondering if we'd ever be able to love another child as MUCH as we love Mia and how now I TOTALLY get why I'm her favorite.  My mom laughed.  She LAUGHED!  How rude.  I knew that what would come after the laughter could not be good, and I was right.  She went on to try and disabuse me of the notion that I was the favorite.  How rude!  :)  She reassured me that when that new little one comes and you hold them in your arms, you have that same kind of overwhelming love for this new little life that you had for the first.  Then she said I had to believe her because she'd done it seven times and felt the same kind of love for each one of us.  Although this KIND OF put my mind at ease a little with regards to having another child one day, I was totally knocked off my "I'm the oldest favorite child" pedestal, and I must admit that it stung... just a teeny tiny bit. (Though part of me still secretly believes it - just don't tell my mom... or my brothers and sisters...)  Man do kids just open your heart to so much love!!!  This last photo's my favorite of the bunch:

  My sweet baby girl in her cute outfit and pink toenails.
She's so so stinking cute I can hardly stand it!!!  :)

Oh, and yeah, she really is that cute and she really is that sweet and we really are SO blessed to be her parents and have her as part of our little family!!!


  1. I have a feeling mom's (if they get there) love baby #5 the most! Just a hunch! ;) Cute pics!

  2. Love it. I cannot BELIEVE our girlies are almost one. I'm trying to hang on to every "baby" moment before it happens officially. I always wonder the same thing about loving another baby...but I can see it being possible because I honestly love both my girls equally even though I'm asked constantly..."which one is your favoite?" Geez...