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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Birthday Videos

Finalizing plans for Mia's little birthday party this weekend.  I can not wrap my mind around the fact that my precious baby girl is going to be one, ONE, on Thursday.  This time last year I was wondering if she was EVER going to come.  I'd been SURE that she was gong to come early and was even more bummed when my sister, who was due a week before I was delivered early and then my own due date came and went.  My little "over-baked" Mia made her grand debut five days late and with peely little hands and feet from hanging out in there too long.  :)  

In preparation for her birthday I decided to put a few of the THOUSANDS of photos we have of our little Mia to music.  These four videos were the result and I'm going to loop them together to play at her birthday.  Sorry that they are long, but what can I say? - I'm a proud mommy who's beyond infatuated with her precious baby girl.  :)  

Perfect Beauty

Isn't She Lovely

We Believe in You

(Man, I'm bummed this is blocked.  Sadness, it's a good one!)
Just the Way You Are

I can't believe how much she's grown and changed over the past year!  It was such a heartwarming trip down memory lane to look though all of the photos and choose out some of our family favorites.

We love you Mia!!!


  1. SUCH a beautiful little girl . . . and it is obvious in everything you do and say just how VERY much she is loved . . . She is so lucky to have you and Zeus to love her and nurture her and guide her through life . . .

    HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY, little Mia!!! =o)

  2. So cute! I love the videos - I really liked the first one but they were all great! Glad you told me that they were on your blog today! I can't believe she is already one - it just doesn't seem like she can be that old yet! Love ya Mia!

    Aunt Tif

  3. oh my goodness-these videos are so, so great. They made me cry. Mia is so beautiful! ONE came way too fast. Have a wonderful day with your birthday girl and great party this weekend! wish we could celebrate with you!