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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yes, it is hotter than Hades here it Texas, especially as we move more into summer, but that's not the kind of melting I'm talking about.  :)  I'm talking about the amazingly wonderful kind of melting that happens when you snuggle your precious child on your chest and suddenly it feels like you're melting into each other.  It takes some time and a lack of other distractions (especially for me since I'm easily distracted - sigh). I'd had that happen with Mia when she was newborn and we were doing skin-to-skin time like the hospital recommended, but I hadn't thought about it for a long time until last night.

Last night Mia went down to bed early because of a long day of being off schedule.  Zeus had run to go get a haircut and it was just Mia and I home.  About an hour after she went down, which was nearer her normal bed time, she got really restless and was kind of quietly complaining in her bed.  She sometimes will do that as she turns in her sleep but then will settle in to sleep.  Last night she wasn't settling back down to sleep so I went in to check on her.  She was sitting in her crib quietly fussing and when I picked her up she snuggled into me and settled down.  I brought her out to the living room and tried to feed her a bottle, thinking she might be hungry because she was too tired for her before bedtime bottle, but she wasn't interested so I grabbed the rocking chair and settled in for some quiet snuggling and rocking time.  We snuggle all the time - which Zeus and I love, but this was different from your everyday baby snuggling.  :)  Mia is a snuggly baby and loves to snuggle, especially right before she goes down for a nap or for the night.  However, last night it was something more.  I guess because I took the time to pull out the rocker and just rock her for the sake of rocking her and to keep snuggling her after her little body went limp with sleep.  I felt her sweet little body laying so trustingly on mine and got to thinking about how much she's grown and changed over the past year, and suddenly, there it was - the melting.  I felt like there was some kind of chemical change in my body that gradually warmed up to a soft kind of glow as I melted into her and she melted into me.  I just sat there rocking and savoring the moment and started getting teary.  How quickly the time has flown, and how big my sweet little baby girl is getting.  I can't believe she'll already be one in a few short weeks.  As she fell asleep, I shifted her in my arms so that she was laying across me sideways.  She stretched all the way across me and I had to carefully arrange her now long legs so that they wouldn't get tangled in the arm of the rocker.  It was definitely a bittersweet moment and one that I want to remember for a LONG time. 

So, now I've decided on a new mantra:
Make time for melting. 
 I highly recommend it.  :)

Have you melted lately?


  1. Very sweet! As they get older, the melting seems rarer, but when they are sick (which is not fun and is scary), you seem to be able to "melt" again. Babies are the best! And, it's sad but these sort of moments are so much harder to get with the 2nd!

  2. It is bittersweet...Calder and I had a melting moment last night before he went down, it really is the best. :) What's on the agenda for Mia's birthday?

  3. It definitely is bittersweet and sad that as they get older it's harder to get those moments. It really is the best though! :) Not sure quite what we're doing yet, still kind of up in the air as of now. I'd like to do a visit to the NICU at shift change her birthday weekend and take cupcakes and a birthday photo and thank you note. Not sure on the party yet though. I feel like such a bad mom!!!! Aren't these first birthday parties suppose to be planned like months in advance?!?!? :)