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Friday, June 3, 2011

11 months already

My dear baby girl is 11 months old already... and we all know what THAT means... just a few short weeks until she's ONE!  :(  Sadness!  She's growing up SO fast, and though we are enjoying every moment, we wouldn't mind if time could slow down JUST a little bit.  So now for a quick and dirty photo shoot that we decided would only take 3 minutes and we'd just post whatever we were able to get.  That way it was low stress and quickly over and done with.  That being said, it's the same reason that we don't have some of the great shots like we usually got.  Instead of about 30 photos taken in order to get two or three good ones, there are 12 total, many of which look a TON alike with Mia trying to escape.  lol  Here's what we were left with:

The twist.

The roll.

The roll with sexy leg.

Had to roll the waist of my skinny one's jeans so they'd fit.  :)

The flip and stand.
And yes, this skill - quickly being able to go from sitting to standing - is a nightmare and requires that she ALWAYS be buckled in any cart, high chair, stroller, etc.

The SADNESS!  (good thing it only lasted a second!)  :)

The tyring-to-take-a-nose-dive-off-the chair move.

Ah!  I spy paper.

I LOVE paper!  Love it!  Even mama having to finger-sweep it out of my mouth and cleft palate is not enough to deter me.

At 11 months Mia:
  • stands and takes a few steps along furniture
  • loves to eat paper
  • still puts everything in her mouth
  • loves pulling the drying hand towels off the oven
  • loves getting in the cabinets
  • still loves chords
  • now that she's just turned 11 months her new big milestone is saying "mama!" - hooray!!!
  • is making more sounds "wawawa", "awe-gwa", "lalala", occationally "nanana" and "mamama" :)
  • does NOT like getting her diaper changed on the floor - twisting and SCREAMING ensue, so we usually change her diaper in her room on her changing table
  • is still not afraid of strangers
  • loves to play and be read to
  • still (usually) wakes up happy and claps as you walk towards her to get her up  :)
  • usually squeals with joy when she sees dogs
  • is still the center of our world and SUCH a joy to watch grow and to have in our family

Yeah, she really IS that cute and we love her SO MUCH!!!  :)

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  1. Can you believe she is almost one year old?! I can't believe an entire year has almost passed already!