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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The past few weeks... in photos.

Hey there.  :)  Just chilling.  Waiting for visitors...

My cousin Sami came for a day last week with her darling kiddos and we were able to spend a little bit of time together before they flew to Cali.  Here are her kids enjoying a rare treat - TV!  :)

Then Zeus's friend Eddie came with his family for a few days.  Here's Mossimo entertaining Mia.  :)  He was so cute with her.  I'm bummed we didn't get any group shots!  I'll have to get copies of the ones Eddie's wife Teresa took.

Mia and Katerina enjoying their pancakes. 

Mossimo and Paulina blowing up floaties for the pool.  After swimming we drove into Lockhart to eat at the wold famous Black's BBQ.  YUM! 

Paulina and Katerina rode with us and fell sound asleep on the way there while Mia happily played in the middle.  :)

Zeus and I had beef ribs - YUM!!!  This is a photo of Zeus holding both our ribs.  :)

The city building in Lockhart was gorgeous!

Mossimo, Paulina and Katerina peeking in the air conditioned car at Mia.

Last week a package arrived in the mail for Mia.  We were so excited to open her first birthday package!!!  Even though it came early, we just couldn't WAIT to open it up.  :)  Thank you great Uncle Harold and great Auntie Charlotte!!!  I could not find any charged batteries for my camera so I had to settle with cell phone photos, so please forgive the photo quality.

Must perform customary pre-opening pat down of package.  :)

Wowza, it opens just like a book!  My favorite!

The bag's as big as me!

... and comes with yummy gift wrap paper - my favorite!

Oh my!  Anything else?  :)

What mom, YOU have the card???

It looks like more paper!  Must. Lick!

Ok, MY turn to hold the cute card mommy.

Thank you.

Mia styling in her cute new clothes!

So many cute new outfits... what shall I wear next???

Hmmm... let's do THIS top, with THESE pants...  

Man we love this little turkey!!!

Who, me???

Mom, did I read you this page yet?  This reading stuff is serious business.
I think I need a snack now after all that hard work... yummy, yummy veggie straws!

We also had friends over to join us for swimming.  The neighbor girl Natosha came over to play with Paulina and my friend Valorie came over with her two little cuties to keep Mia and I company.

Mia and Hailey sharing the stroller on the way over - reclining seats can hold two small children.  Who knew?  :)

 All packed up and heading to the pool, but where's Ammon?  Oh, he's already at the corner!

My little bathing beauty at the pool in her pink tutu swimsuit.

Hailey and Mia had a great time floating in their floaties and crawling on the top step of the pool.

My friend Lori was in town for a work thing and got out early enough that she was able to join us at the pool. What a fun treat!

Mia keeping an eye on Lori in the pool so she wouldn't get scared, and apparently planning what they would wear once they showered up after the pool...

They decided on yellow tops and dark jean bottoms apparently!  Twinners!

On Saturday, the neighbor girl Natasha invited us to a family friend's first birthday party over at the park across the street.  After lunch and after running lunch to papa at the hospital (he forgot it when he left for work in the morning) we headed over.
Mia in her high chair - all excited to go to her first birthday party ever.

Natosha got a birthday hat for Mia to wear...

Mia was NOT a fan.
Looks like I can cross "birthday hats" off the list for Mia's own birthday party in a few weeks!  lol

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