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Friday, June 3, 2011

For your viewing pleasure...

So I took these photos last week and kept forgetting to post them.  I was laughing SO hard that I could barely manage to even hold my cell steady enough to get ones that weren't horribly blurry!  And now, for your viewing pleasure:

After her favorite activity of "pull the dish towels off the oven", Mia is thrilled to discover that papa's shorts have an elastic waist band and not only can she reach them, she can PULL them!  :)

And yes, my determined little turkey was NOT thrilled when papa hitched the shorts back up so it became a tug-of-war. By this time I was rolling on the floor!  Good thing he had undies on!!!  lol

Yeah, I was almost laughing this hard:
Mia loves to play "I'm gonna get you!" with papa, and of course, mama couldn't be left out!  :)

One of her other favorite past times... hunting down pieces of paper...
...and trying to eat it before mama gets to her.  Oh my little turkey!  Once I come towards her she'll often throw the object from her and start smiling at me and clapping, as if to say, "Look mom, see, I don't have anything! See!"  :)

...and the "throw away"

 Today we did a morning run to the park.  I say "run" because we didn't say there for as long as we planned because it was so stinking hot!!!  It was still fun.  We walked around the little pond, fed the ducks and took a few pictures.  We were SO glad to get back to the A/C of the car once we finally made it all the way around!  Paulina said, "I am pouring sweat!  I have never been this hot or poured sweat like this before!"  :)  So see, it wasn't just me, native Utahn, that was hot!

Paulina feeding the ducks/geese and birds. 

It was such a pretty day and we took some really fun and beautiful photos, but unfortunately none of them will upload right now.  Sadness.  So, after our sweaty time at the park we ran home to put Mia down for a nap and to eat lunch.  When Mia woke up, I fed her and then we hit the road to Walmart to get my car in for a much needed oil change and to browse the store.  :)  Of course, we decided to stop in at McDonald's and get ice cream cones and a french fry to split while we waited.  Mia was ALL about her ice cream cone!


Uh, mom.... why does everybody keep staring at me????

Kicking back in the cart, waiting for mom's car to get an oil change and just hanging out... silly girl!

And last but not least, a photo of our front yard.  Yes, there are still dirt spots, but it's no longer dead for those of you who remember our grass killing fiasco.  Zeus sent me this photo after he cut the lawn and said, "There, now post it on your blog so people can see how good it looks NOW!"  lol

Oh, and Mia TOTALLY said mama again!  SO not a fluke!!!

And I have proof!  

Of course, I tried to get her to do it again, but as you can see below the little turkey wouldn't do it on command!  :)

Oh HOW I love this silly little goose!  :)


  1. I love how she still shakes her head 'no' when you ask her questions and talk to her. Lol. So cute! And that picture with her sitting in the shopping cart is ADORABLE! :)

  2. We miss you Tiff. You need to come visit soon so she can show you all her new tricks in person! lol