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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Love - with working video :)

Mia is LOVING having an "honorary big sister" in Paulina, the ten year old I'm watching for the summer.  She probably sometimes gets on Paulina's nerves because she wants to follow her around and see and be part of what she's doing, but she hides it well.  lol

Hello friends!                                   What'cha doing?

Can I play Monopoly?                            
You like to play blocks?  I like to EAT blocks!  What a pleasant coincidence!  :)

The other day, Paulina was down on the ground playing with Mia and they started this squealing chasing game that was SO funny and so cute.  We had to whip out the camera and try and capture some of it.  Zeus and I were laughing so hard as they went squealing and laughing around and around the island between the kitchen and the living room.  :)

Mia chasing Paulina., then switching directions and the chase goes on...  :)

Paulina taking a quick rest as Mia heads her way full throttle!  :)

We were lucky enough to get a few quick videos as they were playing.  Prepare yourself for sounds of happiness - aka squealing, screaming, laughing baby.  :)  

And and the chase is on! 

Gonna get you!!!

Whew!  Worn out baby taking a time out to rest for a moment.  :)

So, not only am I enjoying having someone else around during the day who talks in complete sentences and giving me excuses to get out of the house, but we're ALL having a blast.

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  1. Love the videos and happy Mia! And I love when the other girl says, "I'm getting so tired!" lol Hope to see you sometime in the next YEAR! Love ya!