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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thumpity Thump Thump

Yeah, we have a three time repeat offender. Mia climbed/fell out of her port-a-crib for the third time last night. Needless to say I did not get much sleep at all last night, but it made it so Mia and I both passed out for over two hours during the drive home.

Before we headed home today we went to a friend of my cousin Kristi's house and went fishing. It was chilly, but pretty. Zeus even caught a two foot long gold fish, but unfortunately it wiggled off the line as he was pulling it from the water. Mia wanted to walk all over the place and it made me super nervous, but we all survived and no one fell in the water.  Oh, and I got some cute photos of my little explorer.  :)

Mia and papa checking out the dock and the missing boards that gave me heart failure.

Of course she's FINALLY decided she wants to walk all by herself. Scary!

Matthew, Zeus Karson and Kristi dropping in their lines.

What's this mom? A swing? I like swings.

Did you get a picture of my cute hair mom? Oh look, there's a hole in it! I like finding holes!

What's this mom? A canoe? I like canoes!

What's this? A fishing pole? I like fishing poles!

Look mom, I can wind it just like papa. I'm super smart.  :)

A few other fun photos from our holiday trip this last week:

A moment of fun cousin playing together time.  :)

Zeus working on his Christmas tamales - YUM!!!

The delicious tamales, all wrapped up and ready to get steamed. SO worth the day of work and three hour wait while they steamed!  :)

The shirt that Mia got from Uncle Michael and Aunt Deena. I totally loved it - so fun and gave all of us a good  laugh!  :)

Mia in her first forward-facing ride from Arkansas back to Texas and LOVING the new view. Does she look ecstatic or what!?!

Ear-to-ear grin of our new forward facing girl. She makes me smile all the time!

Playing with her magneto-sketch thing in the store - she LOVES it and can even swipe the top to erase the screen, little smartie!

Mia and her new BFF Aunt Kristi walking through the store and checking everything out - great fun! 

Such a fun day with the cousins before our drive back home. We had such a nice time in Fr. Worth and Arkansas, but I think we'll all be happy to sleep in our own little super comfy beds in our own rooms in our own little house.  :)


  1. Oh, she just keeps getting more and more adorable. I hope your Christmas was super awesome, and have a Happy New Year guys!

  2. love! can't wait to see you guys!