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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home

There's nothing like being back home after some fun holiday traveling and sleeping in your own bed again. Oh, and man how wonderfully we slept last night! Mia was an angel and slept in until almost ten this morning. I think she, as well as mama and papa, had a lot of crazy nights and lack of sleep to make up for.  :) Hooray for comfy beds and a fabulous night's rest!

Today Mia got a package from her Great Aunt Charlotte and Great Uncle Harold that was filled with all sorts of goodies. It was delivered the day we headed out of town and our sweet neighbor grabbed it for us so that it wouldn't sit on our porch for a week. 

The package was almost as big as she was, and there was so much stuffed into that small package that I felt like I was pulling things out of Mary Poppins' hand bag!  lol

Out pops the giraffe's head. We LOVE giraffes around here.  :)  All of her 0-12 month photos were taken with her big stuffed giraffe and now we have a NEW giraffe friend - two in fact, this chair and a pillow pet that was also in the box which I thought was a footstool at first. lol

Mia sitting on her new giraffe chair in her new outfit. I was surprised that she was so good at sitting in it all by herself and she was in and out of it all day long. As you can tell by the look on her face, she's lovin' it!

 In her jammies drinking some milk before bedtime as she chills in her giraffe chair.

In other news, as of a week ago and all during our holiday travel, Mia is walking all over the place and seems to finally use walking as her primary mode of locomotion. Whew! She's FINALLY a walker at 18 months, my silly little stubborn baby girl who only wanted to do it on her own terms and in her own time!

Also, I'm writing this blog on my new laptop!!!  Santa (aka, Michael, Deena and Zeus) was terribly generous and thoughtful and got me a new laptop. Thanks to them, the blog and photo updates shall continue indefinitely!!!  :)  It's so incredibly nice and fast and totally problem-free as opposed to my old laptop which I feared was about to die any moment and which would blue screen a few times a DAY. It has a wonderfully clicky keyboard and is so thin and light and fast and doesn't overheat. It's amazing and I'm in love!

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  1. YAY for a new laptop!

    And that chair is adorable. I am glad you guys had a great Christmas. Have a great New Year too!