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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I wish I'd never gone there...

So, I taught Mia the sign for "please", which is a circular motion on your chest. She picked it up pretty quick, even though her version of it is more of a one or two-handed random rubbing motion on her torso. So now she uses it all the time. It's killing me though because in the mornings when I'm making breakfast she clings to my legs saying, "UH!" - her version of asking to be picked "up". Well, I usually tell her that I'm cooking breakfast but I'll pick her up in a second. However, now when I tell her just a minute, she keeps saying, "uh!" and then does the sign for "please" every time I look down at her. Man, how can I resist?!?! Sometimes I wish I'd never gone there.  lol

Anyhow, today we headed to Elgin to Michelle and Amali's house for a cookie decorating party. I thought I had my camera with me but was sad to find that it hadn't made its way into the diaper bag after all. Bummer! Thankfully Michelle had her camera and was kind enough to send me a few shots. I didn't really think Mia would "get" the idea of decorating cookies, but part way through I picked her "uh!" and put her on my lap while I iced a cookie. I tried to hold her hand with the knife to spread the frosting, but those of you who remember her hand-being-touched aversion can only imagine that it didn't really last. However, she was SUPER interested in shaking the sprinkles out onto the cookie and did such a cute job!

Mia playing on the floor while mama chatted with the other mama's and decorated some cookies.

Mia getting in on the action and shaking on the sprinkles like a pro.  :)

Oh my goodness mama, look! Look at THIS! Mama, my SHIRT is the same color as papa's! And our PANTS are the same color too!! And we both have black SHOES!!!
Unbeknownst to us all, papa and Mia were unintentional twinners today.  :)

Speaking of twinners... my brother Dan and his wife Brienne went in for an ultrasound today to find out the sex of their second child. Come to find out, their second child is actually identical twin boys!  :) My sweet little niece Sadie, who just turned two, is going to be a big sister to twin brothers. Wowza! How crazy and exciting is that?!?!  My brother was so excited at the thought of having TWO sons to play with, and my sister-in-law burst into tears. How like the man to think of the fun, and how like a woman to realize the statistical and logistical implications. After the initial jealousy wore off (I've always thought it would be cool to have twins) and I returned to reality, I came to the realization that I'm too old for twins and can't wait to meet my new little nephews (as well as my new little niece) that are due next year!

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  1. I love all of the pictures! So cute!!!! And I felt the same way when Dan was like, "Awesome!" - such a man! haha It is exciting, but I totally understand Brienne's bursting into tears!! :)