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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Always a Day Late and a Dollar Short

Man, time can get away from you so fast - especially in November and December between the holidays! I downloaded some new photos from my phone and camera and realized that I've been lax at posting quite a few of the fun things we've been up to. We'll see how much I can get down before little Miss Mia wakes up!  :)

Mia got her first "trim" a few weeks ago on December 2nd.  

It was just a few straggle bang hairs, but papa was really sad that I did it when he was at work - he's such a good dad and hates to miss out on anything!

Zeus picked up an electric popper since our microwave died and the one we borrowed from his sister before she moves back doesn't pop popcorn very well. Mia thought it was SUPER cool to watch the kernels pop and jump and couldn't wait to dive in with both hands and much down on the pop corn!

On Saturday, December 3, Carrie and Mia and I braved the rainy weather to head to Gruene Christmas Market down in Geuene (pronounced "Green"), Texas.

Luckily it only sprinkled for a minute or two while we were down there. He's one of the cool old trees with some HUGE wind chimes. Of course I had to pull them to see what they sounded like - way worth it, they were gorgeous sounding!

We ate in the Old Gristmill Restaurant that had a decorated Christmas tree hanging upside down as you walked in. It's kind of hard to see in this photo, but it looked really cool.

We had a blast, but it was a LONG day for Mia who hardly napped. I had to snap a photo of her just laying there on the floor when we got home.  lol  Of course, she had enough energy to take a photo to send to papa who was out of town that weekend.

We had a cold front come in near the beginning of the month, so I've been taking along an extra blanket to tuck around Mia. She LOVES getting tucked into to car seat and gets this HUGE grin on her face as I tuck it around the edges. Luckily I was actually able to snap a picture of it!  :)

I needed to trim my toenails so tried to quick get it done before running errands. Monkey see, monkey do - need I say more?  :)

Mia in a winter coat and mittens by our mail box. Thank you Jan Vargas for passing along the darling warm coat set!

Shopping with mama - can't help but try on the cute headbands!

Narwhal, unicorn, or Hershey's Kiss?  Mia's hair is getting SO long!

Gotta wear those holiday shirts while you can!  :)

Mia LOVED the stairs at Eddie and Olivia's house. Mia and I went to have a girls night this last weekend and had such a nice time until Eddie ran out to run some errands and got in an accident when someone ran a red light. Thankfully he's okay, but his car was totaled. So scary!

While Eddie was out running errands, all the girls (Olivia and her daughter Adelina, as well as Olivia's mom, cousin and sister and her daughter) went on a walk through the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. This one was  a favorite in green, blue and purple. Christmas lights are one of my most favorite things!

Mia's other winter coat from Aunt Nikki - thanks Sara and Fia for passing it down! We think of you guys every time Mia wears it!!! 

Mia's growing entirely too fast!  She's 18 months old at the end of the month and we can hardly wrap our minds around the idea that she's only been in our lives for the last year and a half! We can hardly remember our lives without this little bundle of joy!  :) In my church, they have a nursery class for kids that start at 18 months, so we've decided to drop in a few times this month to get her use to the class. This past Sunday was our first week. Unfortunately Zeus had to work his part time job so he missed out on the first of her in Nursery. She did pretty good, but definitely needs to hone her sharing skills as she wanted to play with whatever someone else was playing with!  The baby strollers were one of the hot items in the class, so we've added that to her Christmas list.  :)

Mia with her name written on a piece of tape on her back.  :) Aren't her tights the cutest?!?!  She was SO styling! Thank you Aunt Nikki for the dress and Tia Hilda for the tights and shoes!

Checking out the toys and other kids.

The tiny chairs were a big hit, but mama was NOT such a fan of the climbing ON the chairs!

Well, my little big-girl is waking up. On to start our day! We have a cookie decorating party out in Elgin to head to, as well as some Christmas shopping to do, so we've got a busy day and lots to do before making it back home for Mia's nap and tutoring.  :)  Tis the season for busy days!


  1. Ok, in the picture where Carrie is holding little Mia, Mia totally reminds me of little Sara! I also love the pink coat and I also love the picture of Mia smiling all cuddled up in her blankets!

  2. The picture of Carrie and Mia is adorable! Love ya Darcie! And I must say I love the popcorn machine pictures too - especially the one she is on your lap!