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Friday, December 23, 2011

Family Time

We made it safely to Arkansas for the holiday on Wednesday night after a fun stop in Ft. Worth at my cousin Kristi's house. Mia's having a fun time with her cousin Sadie who's 8 months older than her. They are so cute together and would be even cuter with some noise reduction head phones.  lol  They LOVE playing with each other's toys, but do not want to share said toys with each other and have not yet realized that they can easily share the same toys. Good thing they're so stinkin' cute and better yet, they sometimes even get along and play together for a few minutes.  :)  

When we first got in around 8 pm, Sadie was already asleep but her papa (my brother Dan) decided he needed to get her up to see her cousin.  :) They looked SO cute in their jammies and actually played really cute together with Sadie's kitchen and Sadie kept repeating her name in the cutest voice ever.

Jammied cousins playing with Sadie's kitchen.

Sadie helping Zeus push the cart. So cute!

Mia thought Sadie's vacuum was pretty darn cool.

Her little pig tails are so stinking cute and are getting so long!

Sadie and Mia with their matching pig tails - SO cute!

The daddies feeding the daughters yummy spaghetti last night.  :)

Another brother of mine, Michael and his wife Deena made it in last night from Washington after a day of flying. Today Michael and Deena ran errands and Zeus went grocery shopping while Dan worked so Brienne,  and I and our girls hung out at home. Zeus got home and made a BOMBAY dinner of enchiladas, re-fried beans, Spanish rice and homemade salsa. It was so SO yummy!!!  Here's some pictures of our day... as I uploaded them I realized that I should probably get more photos of the grown-ups as well, so that's my goal for tomorrow.  :)

The girls coloring today. 

..and today, again with the cute matching hairdo's. Nope, wasn't even planned, though tomorrow it may be.  :)

We played with bubbles which both girls love.

The girls had fun coloring with Aunt Deena.

And ending the day with some kitchen play in the jammies again seems to make for a good way to end the evening.  :)  Mia's sporting a pair of Sadie's outgrown jammies - hooray for cousin pass-alongs!

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  1. Love.Love.Love.Love!!!! Keep the pictures coming. Yay Darcie for taking all of the pictures for the calendars next year! :D hehe I bet the girls are having a blast together - love their matchy hairdos!