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Friday, December 16, 2011


Man, I've been trying to avoid it for as long as possible, but it's finally happened this week and unfortunately seems to be happening pretty consistently - Mia now says, "No"!!

I knew it would finally happen SOME day, and I definitely didn't want it to be her first word or even ONE of her first words. Thankfully she has said a TON of other words prior to this sadness. We try not to just say no to everything and to use it in a sentence along with what we want her TO do so that the emphasis is not on the word no itself. Thankfully she doesn't scream it yet, so that's a relief - it's more kind of this sweet little, "Na", but she's definitely meaning "no". It's kind of so cute that we have to keep ourselves from smiling when she does it. lol  However, that same sweet little turkey swatted at my hand and told me "Na"  tonight when I asked her to please not pull the power chord out of mommy's laptop and went to move her hand away from the chord. I do not know WHERE she got THAT from and we are not fans of that kind of behavior AT ALL. Oh my!

Mia LOVES reading books with her papa.

Her newest thing is giving kisses to the dogs and cats - that and "petting" them on the page.

Another new favorite thing for Mia is to drink the milk "all by herself" from the bowl after she eats her cereal. She's such an independent little soul!  :) 

Mia also loves the little slide that we picked up on the side of the road for free - score!  :) We recently moved it inside and she loves climbing on it and sliding down the slide.  

Hello - just chilling here in my little jeans and jacket.   Hmmmm.... What's this?   Peek-a-boo!
I finally went to the optometrist for the first time in years to get a new eye prescription. Zeus came to watch Mia during his lunch break and they took a break outside. Mia loves exploring - even exploring the inside of her jacket apparently!

Trying on the sock monkey hats at the store today. Mia looked SO cute that I almost got it for her, even though it was adult size!  :)  (I may just have to go back and grab it.) 

Papa's credit union is the COOLEST! 
(we may have to come back just to play with the toys in the waiting area!)

Mia taking the bulbs off the tree at Gideon's house tonight.

Zeus took Mia with him on some errands this past weekend so that I could have some uninterrupted time to get some things done around the house. I just saw this photo on his phone the other day and promptly requested a copy of my honeys with Santa.  :)  

Between that and peeling grapes for her at Olive Garden today (part way through eating them decided she didn't want the skins and would chew all the juice and pulp out and then spit out the skins), I'd say that Mia pretty much has her papa completely wrapped around her cute little finger. Yeah, he's pretty besotted - just as a papa should be. She's so lucky to have her as her papa, and we are so lucky to have HER!


  1. Funny about the grapes! Christopher does that with apples! He LOVES them and begs for them, but hates the skin right now (used to love it) and he always just spits it out - even if we are out in public at the store, on a bus, etc. Lovely!

    I had to laugh about the "no" thing and your surprise at where she could have learned that from. Oh dear, just wait until she is 2. You'll wonder where that girl went! But it's a fun age too - thankfully! Love you all and the cute pics (I love her hair in the one where she is looking at the tree)

  2. And I love the picture where she is giving out kisses to the dogs and cats!