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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Waaaaay Behind - 7 months

Man, I haven't posted in forever and am WAY behind.  Luckily, my little Mia - as always - is my inspiration.  She's growing like a weed and it's time for....  the monthly photo shoot!

my busy little 7 month old

I can't believe how big she's getting and how fast she's grown.  I've had to add another verse to the Mia Song, for goodness sakes!  The new verse goes:

You're gettin' so big
Growin' up so fast
Gonna snuggle you tight
Make each moment last
Cause I love you
Oh yes, how I love you

It will be interesting to see how the song changes and develops as she grows up.  I hope it doesn't become one of those things she HATES because she hears it so much!  :)  I'll have to be careful about that.

So, at 7 months, Mia:
  • can sit up all by herself (rarely falls over), and is enjoying the new view
  • can stand up by herself (for about one-one-hundredth of a second)  :)
  • crawls - not at all, but pushes herself backwards with her arms as well as turning herself around with her arms
  • says her firsts purposely repeated syllable - gagaga (she started doing it the day my mom left and I'm sure she's calling for ga-ga-gama to come back)  *wink, wink, nudge, nudge grandma!
  • is finally ticklish and belly laughs when we kiss on her neck and tummy
  • has started giving "snuggles" and "kisses" - SO sweet!
  • starting to have longer hair grow in!
  • loves putting everything in her mouth
  • thinks every cup she sees is hers, and not only that it's hers but that she must have it to drink out of immediately
  • does "happy baby body", or what we lovingly refer to as "running man" in her crib when we walk in the room to get her from nap time
  • is smiling a LITTLE more at strangers
  • seems to think she a hoot and will chuckle/laugh to herself as she's playing
  • is almost three months post lip-repair surgery
  • has a little under five months until palate repair surgery - we are NOT looking forward to this one
  • had her first sickness other than an ear infection - nausea but no vomiting thank goodness, though she stopped eating for a day, was super snuggly and sad, and then was two days at half volume bottles (thank goodness she's feeling better!)
  • likes TV - we have to be careful not to watch too much with her around because she gets distracted and enchanted by the flashing bright lights
  • is a little investigator - any time we go anywhere new, or she is put somewhere new, she must investigate and touch everything and get it all figured out
  • loves sitting in the shopping cart and being pushed around - enjoys this new view as well
  • cries out her displeasure when she's put somewhere she does NOT want to be and will complain about it for a little bit
  • still is NOT a huge fan of tummy time
  • has started eating Baby mum mum rice husk wafer thingies
  • is still SUPER drooly (we go through multiple bibs a day, even the insulated drool ones!) but no new teeth have been spotted yet
  • will still USUALLY let us put hats and head bands on her - yay!
  • takes fewer and shorter naps - sadness!
  • but still THANKFULLY sleeps through the night
  • goes to bed between 9 and 10 pm, depending on when she's due to eat and usually sleeps until anywhere between 7:30 and 9:30
  • will play in her crib in the morning for a while before fussing to get up
  • finally starting to get a little "chub" to her cheeks - hooray!
  • is still SUCH a joy!!!
And now, for a few photos from Mia's 7 month photo shoot:

getting SO big!

I just had to add this one here below because it makes me laugh and TOTALLY reminds me of my darling niece Sara.  Not sure if it's the look or what, but DANG this reminds me of you Sara Bella!
I'm SO over it...

yeah, she knows she's funny - I'm pretty sure she's contemplating her "attack" in this one...

hmmm.... what have we here?!?!?

...and ATTACK!!!  lol

Who me?!?!  What?!?!  I'm not doing anything...  Pure innocence!

Look mom, one hand!  :)

Uh, mom... could you hurry and take one with "no hands"... this is a LITTLE bit worrisome...

Ha ha!  Just kidding!  Gotcha' mom...

Man we love this little girl!


  1. She is sooo adorable!!!! What a big girl!! (o:

  2. I LOVE the pictures. Ok, when did she get so big?!?!?! Give her a snuggle for me!

  3. WOW . . . that surgery was almost THREE months ago!?!?!???? How can that be . . .it was like JUST yesterday . . . or MAYBE last week . . .

    Beautiful little girl you have there, Darcie . . . She is SO sweet!!! So much personality in that smile . . .

  4. I know!!! She's getting so big so fast! Auntie Sue, I just had that surgery a little over three WEEKS ago, not months. :) Surgery was 1/10, exactly one month before my birthday (2/10). I told Zeus I thought it would be crazy if I died during surgery (random fear) because it would be exactly one month prior. Zeus said quit being morbid. :)