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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Open Says A Me

So this evening when I was trying to feed Mia her daily solids, I put the spoon near her mouth as I opened my mouth and she opened her mouth on her own for the FIRST TIME EVER!  Yay!!!  She's actually doing lip smacking motions as she gums at the spoonful of food.  Open sessame!  Open Says A Me!  :)

This week she also realized that she can stick out her tongue and the food will fall off of it.  Silly girl.  Also, she's now a HUGE fan of the wash cloth I use to fight, uh I mean wipe, her face off with.  :)  She loves to stick it in her mouth and chew/suck at it (even though she can't actually CREATE suction with the cleft in her palate) and also stick her thumb in it and chew at it as well.

Wash cloth - yum!!!  Mia's new favorite thing.

Oh no mom!  Don't take it away!

Oh my!  What is this?

Delicious!  Mia's NEW new favorite thing.  :)

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  1. Lol - I was laughing last night when I got a text with these pictures. Best subtitles ever!