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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photo Overload

So, I've been way behind in posting lately, so I'm going to try and catch up at least a little by posting some of my favorites from the last little bit.  :)

We ended up traveling to El Paso twice in December, at the beginning of December for the anniversary of Zeus's mom's passing, and at the end of December for New Year's and the Sun Bowl. 

First trip out:

enthralled by a story book - Victoria, DJ, me, Mia and Carlos

Mia's first taste of bean juice - Zeus was way excited.  Mia only took a few swallows... :)

...then decided to try sucking the beans out of mama's (refried) bean burrito instead

Pobrecita got an ear infection this trip out. Back at grandma Lina's after a trip to the ER with a fevered screaming baby.  On medication and eating the doctor's orders while trying to eat her toes at the same time...  that's my girl!

Visiting Zeus's mom and sister's grave sites.

Had to hit Chico's Tacos on the way out of El Paso.

Stopped on the way back in Fredricksburg at the holiday town square. Tia Bertha, mama and Mia - BRRRR!

Time for a quick family shot.

Then a little further down the road, more lovely lights.

back at home - first time trying solids - don't even THINK about putting that in my mouth

mama knows all the tricks - rubbing the gums gets the mouth open... you can get the spoon in. Tricky, tricky!


Mid December we headed to Houston for Mia's one month surgery follow-up at Shriner's Hospital.  Zeus's friend Robert was kind enough to hook us up with a reduced rate room so that we didn't have to rush the trip and be on the road 6 hours in one day.  Thank you Robert!!!

Mia and Dr. Blackwell - the plastic surgeon who did her repair.
The hotel we stayed at had a fun little decorated section in the lobby.  Had to get a pic of Mia and Santa.

Papa's turn with Mia in front of the chimney and Christmas tree.

Christmas party at Chrissy's and decorating cookies.  So fun!  Santa even showed up and delivered presents to all the kiddos.

Mia and papa on mom and dad's first anniversary - dinner at Hut's where we ate all the time when we were dating.

Mia "hangin" at Hut's while mommy and daddy ate.

Family photo on December 26th - Anniversary dinner at Hut's.  :)

All bundled up with papa and ready to hit the road.

Seriousness. Mia playing on the floor while mama cleans her little room and puts away her clothes.

My little investigator checking out the tray on her stroller while mama has her post op follow up visit at the doctors office.

Checking out every nook and cranny of the stroller.

Getting so big - she can finally sit up in the cart!  These smaller Ross carts are the perfect size.

However, the larger Walmart carts work great for tired babies who are done sitting up.

Ahhh!  So comfy!  We kept tucking her arm back in and she'd stretch it back out again.  Silly girl!

Yeah, my baby girl LOVES cups and even knows how to "work" them.  She see's anyone with a cup and she gets "excited baby body" and opens her mouth for it.  :)

LOVING the bouncer... until mama realized her little hands were turning PURPLE!  :(  Guess she's still a little to small for the arm holes and it was cutting off circulation.  Sadness on so many levels!


  1. Oh wow! Those were some crazy purple little hands!! Poor bebe!!! She is seriously so cute! I love the little arm out of the walmart cart! LOL

  2. We needs some picture overload later! And wow - HUGE smile but purple hands! Lol - she is sooo cute (in EVERY photo) and I liked the family photos too.

  3. Oh I LOVE that little sleepy hand flung out while she naps in the Walmart cart . . . SOOOOOOOO adorable!!!

    Cute, cute little girl you've got there!!! =o)

    (And happy late anniversary!!!)

  4. I love the pictures (SO sad about the purple hands!!!). I'm sad that you didn't get a chance to celebrate your anniversary without Mia though - it's important to get some time with just the two of you together, but SO hard (I know!). I wish I still lived there! Oh, and seeing Huts makes me HUNGRY!!!! lol