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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Forward Momentum

So, Mia may not totally have the correct form of crawling down yet, but as of yesterday has finally mastered what Zeus and I call "forward momentum".  She use to get up on her hands and knees, rock back and forth, and then push herself backwards.  She would scoot backwards all over the floor in this fashion, often ending up against or under random furniture.

Well, as of yesterday, she's learned to inchworm herself forward to go after things she wants.  It has been so much fun seeing her learn how her little body works.  I catch her, on various occasions, with this stunned and fascinated look of concentration on her face as she's learning to do things.  I SO love being a mommy, and being HER mommy in particular!!! 

Speaking of "forward momentum", I'm trying to work on that myself.  Like Mia, lately I've felt that I'm doing a lot of turning in a circle without getting anywhere lately.  That, or I see where I want to go or where I want to be and I face in that direction but only seem to be moving backwards, farther and farther away from it instead of towards it.  Hopefully, like my little Mia, I will soon get down that same kind of "forward momentum"!

She also LOVES to stand up.  I put out my fingers and she'll pull herself (with my help) to standing.  I'm not sure if it was HER mimicking MY look of excited, open-mouthed wonder, or if it was ME copying that look from HER!  Either way, we BOTH get really excited when she pulls herself to standing.  Luckily she doesn't do it on other things yet, but it's just one more reminder that I need to baby proof the house and move her crib mattress down a notch or two!

I THOUGHT we had mastered solids - feeding her rice cereal and baby fruit or vegetables with the majority of the food ending up in the baby instead of on the bib.  I was very excited about it and how good she was doing.  Then yesterday and today happened.  She still opens her mouth for the food, but then has decided she likes the feel of then sticking her food-covered tongue out and letting the majority of the food slime down her face and bib.  ARGH!  I'm not sure how to get her to quit doing this, but it's seriously becoming a HUGE mess.  Aye mi amour!


  1. Cute post about you and Mia both learning to "crawl!" :) It sounds like she will be all over the place SOON. They pick it up REALLY quickly. It's like you blink your eye and they are no longer just propeling forward, they are pulling themselves up and crawling over EVERYTHING. Good luck!

    I've been trying hard to delay (or at least not encourage) that happening for Christopher because I know my life will be a nightmare! That probably makes me a bad mom, but oh well! :) Though crawling is cute and fun at the same time! And it is REALLY fun to watch them master new skills and be SO proud of themselves!

    Oh, and have you tried finger foods at all for Mia? She may enjoy feeding herself small bits of toast, banana, or Puffs. They don't sale them here, but Puffs are great because they are easy for babies to pick up and they kind of melt in the mouth so there isn't a risk of choking. They helped us get through church with Nathan when he was a baby MANY a time!

  2. Haha! Cute comment on both of us learning how to "crawl". So true! Sometimes though, I feel like she's learning it at an exponentially faster rate than I am!!!

    I hear that LOTS of parents try to delay the crawling and walking with second and third, etc., kiddos. I don't think it's bad parenting at all, just SMART parenting. I'm sure that if Mia's ever blessed with a little brother or sister that we will do the same thing.

    Yeah, we've tried finger foods. We did rice Mum Mums, the little star shaped puffs and the puffs that look like Cheese Puffs. She's doing better and better with those and I'm sure we'll be taking them along with us everywhere we go soon enough!

    Love and miss you oodles and oodles!!!!