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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birthday Surprises

So my husband had a really fun surprise for me for my birthday this year.  He got one of our good friend's, Chrissy, to watch Mia and surprised me with a night at the ballet.  I had no idea where we were going and his telling me to "dress up" got my mind a wondering as to what it could be. 

Neither of us had been to the ballet before so it was a really fun surprise.  We got there an hour early and were able to go to a little pre-show event where they explained this particular ballet - La Sylphide.  It was not only interesting, but informative.  They explained some of the pantomiming the ballet dancers would use to help tell the story and explained the story line.  I'm so glad we were able to attend that - it really helped us understand and enjoy the show.  Hooray for birthday surprises and trying something new!  :)  It was a beautiful ballet and we both really enjoyed it and our fancy night out.

We couldn't take photos, but the set and costumes were beautiful.  Her is a photo I found online at the website:

"La Sylphide is one of the world's oldest surviving romantic ballets. The original choreographer of the ballet was Philippe Taglioni, but most are more familiar with the version choreographed by August Bournonville. His version of the ballet, performed first in 1836 in Copenhagen, became the foundation of the Romantic ballet tradition."

Of course, we could and DID take photos of us in our "dress up" date clothes.  :)  Yay for those self photos - good thing Zeus has long arms.  lol

Me and my honey.

Had to do a "re-do" to get him with a SMILE.

Me in front of the Long Center where the ballet was held.

My handsome man in front of the Long Center overlooking the downtown city lights.

A very fun surprise of a night.  Thank you honey, for a fun and thoughtful night out on the town for my birthday!

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  1. Wow . . . what an absolutely THOUGHTFUL gift!!! It is FUN to try something new together like that . . . and how awesome to have the chance to do the preshow thing that helped you better understand and appreciate what you would be seeing.

    I LOVE the photos of the two of you . . . you BOTH look RADIANTLY happy!!! I love seeing that!!! =o)