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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas - part two :)

So after church, we headed to the nursing home to pick up Zeus's dad Agustin and bring him over to the house for a little bit.  Zeus cooked a light brunch for us and we had Zeus's dad tell us about the date and time and check all of our clocks (he's obsessed with clocks and watches).  We watched some Christmas themed shows that were on TV and then headed back to drop off Agustin at the nursing home before heading to Gus and Rebecca's (family friends) for Christmas dinner.  It was fun to hang out with and chat with them and eat some delicious food.  I made mini chocolate molten lava deserts like the one's at Chili's for our dessert and they were a huge hit.  I wish I'd gotten pictures of them! 

This is a larger version I'd made earlier in the month.  YUM!

A football game started while we were there and my x-football-player husband got sucked into it for a bit.  We ended up staying until about 7:30 pm when I reminded him we still needed to head home and open presents for Christmas.  :)  We headed home and FINALLY got around to opening presents at 8 pm Christmas Day.  No way that would  have worked when we were kids, but luckily Mia's only 6 months old this year and had no idea what she was missing out on.

Our little Christmas tree.

All lit up - I love it - wish we could keep it up all year.

Zeus wanted me to open my present first - he was really excited.  :)

Yay!  A sewing machine!!!  I'd really been wanting one lately but we couldn't really afford one.  Thank you Zeus and Santa and swinging hot deals on Craigslist!!!

Zeus got a battery-less crank lantern for camping and emergencies and camping - yay!  Santa and I are very practical, unfortunately for Zeus.

Luckily he REALLY loved what was in the envelope. for some of his favorite things - toot rub, pedicure, baked items of choice, candlelit dinner of choice, shoulder rubs, etc.

Mia checking out her shiny presents.

Mia under the tree - if you look in the middle near the top, you can see the darling rocking horse ornament than my cousin Eric's wife Laura made for Mia - SO sweet!  She's starting a new tradition with Mia where she makes her a new handmade ornament every year.  We love you Laura!

Mia didn't really get the whole "present thing", but she sure had fun whapping and banging on the boxes.  :)

Reading one of her Christmas books.

She liked this one with the wrapping funky at the top.

Zeus's friends Marie and Troy sent Mia some DARLING clothes - you can kind of see them in the back right side - in this fun box.  :)  The best present EVER!!!

"Seriously mom?  You put me in the box?"

...and then it was back to normal...

...chilling in the exersaucer...

...and putting everything in her mouth (see her two bottom teeth in this one)...

...eating all her toes...

...and drooling like crazy!

"Okay mom, I've tasted all my toys and promptly tossed them to the floor, thus clearing off the tray.  Now what???"

"What do you mean, it's bedtime?!?!?"

...and to all a good night.  :)
Merry Christmas!


  1. Jacob and I both agree that the pictures of Mia are really cute. Those teeth are awesome, too!

  2. Cute ornament idea! I like whoever came up with that! And way cute pictures!

    And make sure to use the coupons Zeus! They are awesome! :D