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Monday, December 27, 2010

Our First Christmas

This Christmas we were planning on having a chill, laid-back, relaxed Christmas Day.  Zeus looked up what time Christmas Mass was at and we set our alarm for 8:30 am so that we could get up and ready and out the door in time.  Mia wore her little Christmas PJ outfit all day long cause mama thought it was so cute.

Yummy thumb-loving girl sitting up by herself on the Love Sac.

...and for anyone who doubts her sitting skills, here's one of her sitting up on the floor all by herself.  (no, she's not propped up!)

Happy to be on the Love Sac again and to have her thumb in her mouth... again.  :)

We got Mia in her pj's and took a few photos before putting her down for the night at around 11 pm, which seems to be her bed time of choice.  Papa's been working on "crawling position" with Mia lately during tummy time.

Working on "strong arms".

...and knee's up.  She actually even looks like she's crawling in this pic, but she's not.  Just reaching for a toy.

...and practicing her sitting skills.

So we SET the alarm, but it must have gotten snoozed and Mia ended up sleeping in until 9 so we didn't get up until 9 with her.  We decided we could make it to Mass still if we rushed, so we rushed like we've never rushed before and were able to get all three of us ready and out the door and to Mass right as it was starting.  We brought our camera so that we could get some pictures of our little family all dressed up for church.  Well, it was FREEZING outside, and a lot of people went up and took photos in the Church where they'd decorated for Christmas.  We thought it was a great idea and were able to get some nice pictures taken, thanks to the tripod I got for Christmas last year.  I thought to bring it in the trunk and Zeus braved the cold to go out and grab it.  She'd had a cute little black ribbon tied around her head, but it had fallen off and she was not at all interested in having it put back on so she doesn't have it in any of the photos.  Sad!

Papa and Mia

our little family

ignore my ridiculous foot pose in this one... I'm not exactly sure what happened there...

Our little family by the manger scene.

Mia and Mama

Papa and Mia

my baby girl and I

my two honeys

While we were setting up the tripod, the associate pastor who'd given the Mass came up to us and chatted with us for a second while we waited for some other families to get their photos taken.  He even asked where in the audience we'd listened to the Mass from and we told him from the back "Child Cry Area" where we sit with Mia so she can use her rattle toys.  I'm not sure if he was just trying to be sociable or if he thought that we'd just come with the tripod AFTER the service to get some pictures.  Shnikeys!

I've got a horrible headache, so I've got to cut this short.  More later....

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  1. So cute! Lol - nice you got to sleep in - how many more Christmas's do you think you will be able to do that? ;D Cute family pictures (and nice 'foot pose' - lol - I didn't notice until you pointed it out). Love ya guys!