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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who does Mia look like?

I went through a box of old photos to find my newborn picture.  I've been meaning to post it on here along with one of Zeus's newborn pictures to compare them to Mia for the longest time, but I couldn't find the box in the garage that had that particular photo album - drat!  Luckily, I'm here in Utah and my mom is UBER organized so I was able to find one lickety-split.  So, without further ado, here are pictures of Zeus and I as babies:

the papa?

or the mama?

Here's one of the newborn Mia to compare.  :)

Who do YOU think Mia looks the most like as a newborn?

I know it's hard to compare from the different angle, but since I don't have my laptop to go through all the pictures of Mia to find just a head shot, this will have to do.  I went back on my blog and copied one from when she was born.  (I know what you're thinking - Smart mama, right!?!?!? ...or as those in the UK would say - Brilliant!)  ;)

I wish I knew how to post a poll so everyone could vote, but I'm not sure how.  Please indulge a silly mommy and pretty, pretty please cast your vote on the "comment" page - be sure to leave your name if you don't mind.  (Oh, and thanks in advance for participating!)  *grin*

Oh, and here's a few pictures I snapped tonight of Mia chilling with grandpa if you'd like to comment on who you think she looks the most like NOW as well. *cheezer grin* 

Chillin' with grandpa is serious business...

...and I mean SERIOUS!

Okay, okay!  It's fun too!  :)


  1. HMMMMMM . . . It is hard to tell, in part because of her cleft palate . . . Zeus has those amazing lips . . . and it is hard to tell if Mia would/will have them after her repair, but I do remember YOU as a baby, and there is a feminine sweetness to her face, that reminds me VERY much of you when you were tiny . . .

    I know this sounds like a cop out, but I honestly can see BOTH you and Zeus in Mia . . . so can I vote 'all of the above'? ;o)

  2. Yeah, the cleft definitely makes it harder, doesn't it! She's such a cute little thing though and I see different parts of us in her. Some people comment how much she looks like me, but the majority seem to think she looks just like her papa. Good thing I married such a handsome fella! ;)

  3. I used to think she looked a lot like Zeus, but wow - now that I see your baby picture, there is definite Darcie in there! It's always hard to tell on babies, but as they grow up, it's fun to see the different ways they resemble each parent. So fun! I'm loving all of the pictures and that you are ACTUALLY posting! :D

  4. PS - I like the "Brilliant" thrown in there. haha

  5. I think she looks like her Papa! No fair since we do the hardest part of the work,and the kids mostg of the time look like their dad! LOL

    Shes just so cute!