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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Utah fun and random pics

Funny what things make you homesick. Since I've been here, there have been a few things that I've randomly seen that have made me think of Zeus and be really homesick for him.  ...Well, besides the obvious of him being so far away!

One was a big billboard for Moab. We went on a camping trip down there and hiked Delicate Arch back in October of last year. It was such a fun trip and I wished he was with us on this trip.

Another one was this week. On the way to one of my get togethers with friends I drove past the church we were married.  I'd driven past it before on this trip without noticing it, buf for some reason on this day I did.  It reminded me of the day we were married, how handsome he looked in his tux and how much I love him.

And last but not least, this -

It may just look like an ordinary empty toilet paper roll to YOU, but to me it's a little reminder to cherish my honey. 

You are probably wondering how on earth an empty paper towel roll could possibly make me think of my sweet husband.  Well, he OFTEN - but not always - will leave the empty roll on the hanger, and pull out a new roll and leave IT on the counter. It made me smile because it reminded me of the first little bit of our marriage when it drove me CRAZY to keep finding empty toilet paper rolls in the bathroom! Then one day when I came into the bathroom and AGAIN was greeted with this sight  and let out a frustrates sigh, I had the thought that it wouldn't be that way if he wasn't in my life.  That made me so sad to even think about that I realized then and there that it was SO worth it to just cheerfully replace the new roll and send thanks up to heaven that he was in my life.  So, now, every time I see an empty toilet paper roll it literally brings a smile to my face and makes me think, "Man I am so lucky to have him in my life."  I guess you could call it "the parable of the empty toilet paper roll".  lol

Here are a few random pics that I took this week, in no particular order:

Mia helping grandma with her work.

It's so nice to have other people around during the day who can snuggle her and hold her while I heat up a bottle and clean her NAM or take a quick shower!  Also, I love seeing my daughter with my parents - hanging with and interacting with her grandma and grandpa.

Mia being snuggled by grandma after a lengthy conversation and cooing fest.  :)

Snuggled to sleep by grandpa and sleeping peacefully in his arms.

Mia likes to "help" hold her bottle pretty much every time we feed her. if only we could teach her to SQUEEZE it, we'd be set!

Mia was fascinated by the little antennae that stuck out on the little feet of these pj's and just stared and stared at them - but I think she was too exhausted to investigate.

Okay - now for some things in a "semblance" of order:

This past Thursday we went to my old school to see all of my good friends and co-workers and to introduce them to Mia.  I SO wish I would have taken more pictures of everyone!!!  Here are some that I took with my phone:

All showered up and ready to go.  I realized that I have hardly any pictures of ME with Mia, so I'm trying to remember to take more.  :)

Mia's cute little outfit.  I thought this was the cutest thing ever when I saw it in the store, so I bought it for my niece Sadie.  Brienne was sweet enough to send it on to me so that Mia could wear it.  It's a little baggy on my skinny little girl but I'm sure she'll grow into it before too long!

Mia with Miss Fipe who was my awesome teaching assistant when I worked there.  We sure miss you Miss Fipe!

By the end of the visit, both Mia and I were tired and headed home after stopping to pick up some formula since we were almost out.  We were suppose to go and visit with my friend Jaclyn, but Mia was acting a little "off" and like she might be getting a cold so we just headed home to take a nap and give Mia some down time.  Thankfully we were able to reschedule with Jaclyn for this upcoming week.

On Friday I got together with some fun friends from an old church group and we had a fondue party.  Everyone was able to make it, and as always the company was great and the food was DELISH!  Mia and I had a great evening!!!

Mia and I chilling on the floor in grandma's office before we headed to the fondue party.

Cathi, Robin, Mia and I, Davis (Jen's son) and Marie, and Jen

Cathi, Taunia, Robin, Marie with Davis and Jen with Mia

ALWAYS great food at these get-togethers!  Cheese fondue with veggies, bread and meat to dip.  YUM!

Yummy desert - pound cake, strawberries, bananas, brownies and peanut butter rice crispy treats - to dip in chocolate fondue!

Shannon showed up with Alli near the end and we were so glad she could make it!  Shannon with Alli and Mia and I.

On Saturday Mia and I slept in and then chilled most of the day with grandma and grandpa.  We hadn't gotten home from the fondue party until almost 11:30 pm and then Mia'd woken up at 5 am to eat since her schedule was off.  It was nice to sleep in and just take it easy for most of the day.

At around 4 in the afternoon I decided to finally get up and get going, so I packed Mia up to head back up to Park City to the outlets to return some buyers remorse items.  :)  I called my friend Amy on the way and we ended up dropping by to pick her and the twins up to go with us.  It was so fun having them on the drive with us and seriously, the back seat was just all kinds of adorable with three baby girls all the way across it!  

View from the side of door to door car seats - Ellie, Mia and Emma.

View from the hatch with the head rests removed for the picture so we could see their faces - Ellie, Mia and Emma.  For those of you who are wondering, Ford Escape's apparently CAN safely fit three car seats across the back seat!

I carried Mia around in the baby Bjorn and got sweet little drool marks all over the front of my shirt.  :)

Amy holding Mia - Emma and Ellie in their stroller.

I think a few people probably wondered if they were all three hers!  lol  Wow, and she thought TWO was busy!  I know that when she ran to the bathroom someone incredulously asked me if all three were mine!  lol

Before we get ready to head out in the morning I'll take a picture of Mia and send it to him because I know he REALLY misses her.  On this particular day, I took one of the both of us first thing in the morning after her bottle.

I love it because it looks like she's happily waving good morning to her papa!

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