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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Utah State Fair and phone call from papa

Mia and I went to the Utah State Fair today.  I really enjoy going to the fair and seeing the exhibits, especially the photography contest.  Oh, and who can forget the fair food!

It just so happened that one of my old roommates is a high school ag teacher and her FFA (future farmers of America) kiddos were running the "Little Hands on the Farm" area today at the fair so we decided to stop by so Mia and Suzanne could meet each other.  The little turkey pulled her NAM out in the car on the way, so she doesn't have it in for these pictures.  (Bad mama I know, but I didn't want to wash it and try to put it in her little mouth at the dirty fair grounds!)

Mia REALLY wanted her picture taken in the farmer head.  She took it VERY seriously.  :)

I especially love the little farmer bow on her head.  :)

Mia finally cracked a smile when Suzanne snuggled her.  I think they are both big fans of each other as they were both just smiling away at each other like crazy!

Mia and I took a self portrait with the cow.  We didn't milk it cause its teats were too low and I didn't want to accidentally dump Mia out of the carrier. :)

Sara-Bella and Sofia-Bug, I took this picture of the horses for you.  Look how long their tails are - all the way down to the ground!!!  Wish you could have been there with Mia and I to see all the beautiful horses!  (Have your mama click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see their long tails better.)

After meeting with Suzanne at the fair, Mia and I went over to Amy's.  We were planning on going back to the fair and take the twins to see the sights and to eat us some fair food, but after we fed the twins and made us a little something we were just too tired so we decided to stay and chill at her house.  We may try and go on Friday, but we'll see.  We had a fun night - I played with Ellie and Emma and Amy snuggled Mia and we all had a lovely and wonderful evening!

Amy took a crack at feeding Mia and did a "bang up job" of it.  It's so fun for me to see my good friends holding my baby girl and loving on her!  Don't worry though, I still got my snuggle time in as well!  :)

First of all let me say that no, I'm not choking Mia in these two pictures!  She gets startled in her sleep sometimes and gasps, flings her arms wide and does the saddest little scared cry.  :(  When she does this and I'm around, I put my hand on her little chest and tell her, "It's okay, mommy's here," and it helps her calm back down into sleep.

Tonight when it happened, she put her little hand on mine as if to reassure me that she knew I was there and taking good care of her.  See what I mean - she's the sweetest little thing in the whole wide world!!!  She just melts my heart time and time again! I had Amy jump for the camera (thanks Aim!) to get a picture before she moved again.  Look at my precious girl and her sweet hand on mine!  Oh, and I can't help but notice her long skinny legs and toots in this pic - so precious to me!  :)

Zeus called while I was at Amy's to check on us and say good night, so after I talked to him for a minute I put him on speaker so that he could talk to Mia.  She was a little fussy at the time but when I put the phone up to her little ear and her papa talked to her, she did the cutest thing ever!  She moved her little hand up to the phone like she was holding it, stopped fussing and got the biggest smile on her face.  Amy and I were both absolutely DYING laughing!  She grabbed the camera as quick as she could to get a picture, but Mia was too quick and moved before she could get it.  Here's the video we got instead as papa was talking to Mia:

Does this little girl know and love her papa or what?!?!?!


  1. SOOOOOoooOOOOOOOOO cute . . . I loved watching her smile while she listened to her daddy's voice . . .

  2. :) Isn't that just the sweetest thing! I'm sure he can hardly wait until we're back and he can snuggle his precious little daughter again.

  3. OMG That is the most adorable video ever!! I love how happy she looked talking to her Papa!! She is sooooo stinkin' cute Darcie!!!