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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Babies loving babies

I SO love it when babies love babies!  This trip to Utah it has been so fun to see my friends kids and Mia together!!!  Here are a few pics from the past few days of our kiddos:

Here's from Wednesday when Mia and I stopped by my good friend Heidi's house.  Only her two youngest were there when we got there and they immediately flocked to Mia so we all sat down on the ground and admired her.  :)  Heidi has some of the sweetest kids I've ever met and we always have a great time hanging out, whether it's running quick errands or sitting and chatting for hours! 

Jacob and Eli - I'm bummed this photo turned out so blurry, but the look on Jacob's face is just too precious not to post anyway!

Jacob and Eli checking out a sleeping Mia.  I couldn't catch it on film, but when Mia woke up she just kept smiling the BIGGEST smiles at Jacob! 
Hmmmm... I'm thinking arranged marriage...???

Eli was way too fast for me to catch him softly touching Mia's everything -  head band, hair, fingers, nose, car seat buckle, etc. Such a sweetie!

Today (Sunday) Mia and I went over to my good friend Amy's to visit her and her twin girls who will be a year next Sunday (Happy early birthday Ellie and Emma!).  I got to visit all three of them in the hospital a year ago when they made their debut and can't believe how much they've grown and that they are already going to be one!!!  Of course, they were WAY excited to see baby Mia and so I grabbed the camera to snap a few pictures:

While Mia slept on, blissfully unaware of her adoring audience, Ellie and Emma crawled right over and pulled themselves up to get a better view.  :)

Emma and Ellie get momentarily distracted by the camera.

Then got right back to checking out the "baby".  lol

Emma, then Ellie take turns looking at the camera - such cuties!!!

Mia and I went to church with Amy to help wrangle the twins and Mia got to wear her new little dress. I think it's so stinkin' cute that I just have to post some pictures.  :)

Another photo, mom?!?!?  Well, I guess I'll smile then!
MAN do I love my precious, beautiful little girl to pieces!!!

And last, but not least, remember the book "Where's Waldo?"  Well, I had a flashback to that book last night when I saw Mia in her pj's.  Apparently the blanket our friend Eunice bought for Mia is a PERFECT match to the cute pj's I got for her.  I call these photos, "Where's Mia?"  Spot her if you can.  :)

Isn't that crazy how they match exactly?!?!

I put her down vertically on the blanket, but when I came back she was mysteriously horizontal on the blanket.  Uh oh!  We've got a mover on our hands!!!

Who, me?!?!?

As I miss my husband down in Texas terribly, I'm also enjoying seeing so many great friends and my wonderful family while Mia and I are up here visiting in Utah.  I can't help but realize how lucky I am to be blessed with SUCH great friends and family!  (...Now if ONLY I could get them all to move down to Texas!)

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  1. Oh I just love that pic of her in her dress with the big smile. Melts my heart!