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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

going to grandma's!

Weather permitting, we are heading to grandma and grandpa's house tonight!  :)  Mia and I are taking a flight to the great white north of Utah!  We can't wait to see grandma and grandpa again (Mia's a whole month older than the last time they saw her) and I can't wait to introduce my sweet baby girl to all of my great friends up there!!!  My friend Iain was able to hook us up with a buddy pass (thank you Iain and Jenn), so we are going standby, but the plane looks wide open so we should be good to go.  We are SO going to miss papa and are glad that he's busy with work and night classes so he won't miss us QUITE as much.  This morning he teared up as he was snuggling Mia before he headed into work.  :(  We will miss him like crazy, but I'm leaving my laptop here so that we can still Skype so he can see and hear us.  Thank goodness for technology! 

Here are a few pics I snapped this morning:

Mia's "thinking" pose.  She's wondering what she's should do first when she gets to grandma and grandpa's house - snuggle grandma or grandpa or both!?!  :)

Her little outfit even says "going to grandma's".  :) 
Here's to hoping it makes it all the way there without having to pull out a back up!