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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

She makes me laugh

Being a mom to Mia is such a joy!  She is so incredibly sweet and her little personality is so fun to interact with.  She makes me smile and she makes me laugh - and I mean BELLY laugh.  Her latest antic has been her attempts to help hold her bottle, which usually end up being more endearing and entertaining than anything else.  However, tonight she took the helping to a whole new level. 

Zeus calls her his little "chango" (Spanish for "monkey") because she can grip your finger by curling her little toes under.  When he showed his friend David, he teasingly said, "Man, she could HANG by those!"  lol 

When I saw her new idea of "helping" it made me think of how he calls her "my little chango" and I just had to snap some pictures to send him.

Gripping my thumb and pinky fingers and holding on to my arm with her little legs.

Holding the top of the bottle and pinky finger with her hands, still gripping my arm with her cute little legs.

Decided it would be even BETTER if she held on the TOP of the bottle - and threw her leg over my arm as well!  :)

Silly little girl was constantly in motion - no wonder she's such a string bean!  :)  She kept repositioning her hands AND feet to help me with the feeding today.  My silly little girl!

Mia had all three of us - Grandma and grandpa and I - about rolling on the floor!

We sent the picture to papa to entertain him as well while he was in his night class.  We are both really missing Zeus while we are here in Utah.  We send him pictures every day and Skype at least once or twice a day so that he can see her and talk to her and so I can update him on how we are doing and what are plans are.  He misses us so much, especially his little mija (daughter).  He often gets teary-eyed when we Skype - I can tell even though my tough, strong husband tries to hide it.  Yesterday morning as we were saying good-bye was no exception, so I decided to change what I was going to have Mia wear into this darling little outfit for papa.

(She DOES wear her NAM nearly every second of the day, I swear!  I take it out to clean it at least twice a day though - morning and night, and then whenever she pulls it out - and then back in it goes!) 

Anyway, this is the outfit we picked out to wear for our sweet papa yesterday.

Mia hearts daddy!
I asked her, "How much do you love daddy, Mia?"

And she threw her arms out wide as if to say "THIS much!"

She really does love her papa and recognizes his voice.  He called last night when she was a little fussy as she was waiting for her bottle to warm.  I put him on speaker phone so he could talk to her and she stopped crying when she heard his voice and listened intently. 

He is SUCH a great papa and I'm thinking that our sweet little Mia loves us ALMOST as much as we love her.  ;)

On an ending note, I'm driving my parent's car while I'm here.  It use to be my sister Michelle's before they moved across the pond to the UK.  Well, when I pulled the visor down the other day to block the sun while I was driving and the sweet note she'd put in the car for her husband was still there taped to the visor.

...and my heart immediately ached for my sweet husband who is busily working away down in Texas while Mia and I are here in Utah for a few weeks.  I SO feel that way about him and am so very thankful to have him and our beautiful daughter in my life.  My life is so rich because of them and I am truly blessed!

Te amo y te extrano much mi amor y mi vida!


  1. I loved this post! I love the pictures of cute monkey mia and I love the part where Mia throws her arms out to say "this much!!!" So cute and funny. And I love that my little love note to Jeff is STILL in the car and made you think of your own honey. Ahhh...I love my family and I love the Internet and technology so I can hear about them!!!! :)

  2. Very sweet . . . reading this made ME teary eyed TOO . . .