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Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Catch-Up


So last weekend while Zeus was working his part-time job at the hospital, I decided to do some more "nesting" and tackle the master bedroom for clean up and organization. As you can see below, my husband had hung his man-version of a curtain by the bed - aka a ripped sheet tacked to the wall.
I decided to put up curtains, go through laundry, and organize so that we could put up the pack-and-play in or room for Mia to sleep in when she first arrives. See, good wife and mama, right!?!?!

Step 1 - Organize laundry and use hot pink post it notes to mark where the curtain rod should go. Stand on matching pink chair to hang sticky notes and position curtain rod.

Step 2 - hang rods and curtains. Yay! Looks a LITTLE better than the torn green sheet tacked partially above one window.
Step 3 - put away majority of laundry and set up pack and play for Mia. Hooray! Can't wait for her to be in it!
Step 4 - stand back and admire handiwork, skill and accomplishment. :) Grumble over pile of socks that need to still be matched.
Step 5 - ignore sock pile and position possible framed artwork over bed to decide whether or not it gets hung over bed (those vertical lines under the frame at the top of the headboard are rice socks so that the frame would stay and not scratch the headboard.

Step 6 - take pictorial proof of being a bad mama. :( The horizontal scratch mid stretchmarks is where I whacked my belly and baby girl on the corner of the dresser during the whole drape hanging process. So sad! Luckily she's still inside and had SOME protection and it wasn't her little head making direct contact with the corner of the dresser. If the darn belly didn't stick out so much, I'd have a better idea of where it was and wouldn't keep bonking it on stuff! I know. Bad mama already! :( I promise to be more careful with her when she gets here!!!

The last week of May, my future sister-in-law Deena came into town. In true Austin fashion, Michelle and I put her to work immediately. :) On that last Friday or Saturday when Zeus was working at his part-time job at the hospital, Mish, Jeff, Nathan, Deena and Tiffany came to help me take down stuff in my classroom and start packing. Huge kudos to them and all the help they were - I couldn't have done it without you!
Deena helping with the filing and paperwork - the first grade chairs were the PERFECT size! lol

Mish and Jeff taking down boarders and wall items. Nathan was so great and loved to help throw things in the garbage.

Cover Girl Tiff grabbing the trolley cart to help load up boxes. Such a cutie!

Nathan loved the reading corner and climbed up into a lawn chair to do some serious reading. Love this boy!


  1. Decorating your classroom is definitely MORE fun that packing it lol You accumulate so much crap by the end of the year!!! Its also so hard to do while pregnant! This year was 23874983 times easier to clean out my classroom than last year! (o;

    Your bedroom looks so cute! I'm thinking of getting dark curtains for our bedroom too! Gabe still sleeps in our room so having it darker in there would be nice! (o:

  2. The bedroom look great! Love all the pictures! The whacking into the dresser, scratch, and bruise look painful. Be careful!