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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mia's room 99.9% done!

So, Mia's room is almost done!!! :) The only thing left to do is put up the butterflies on the changing table wall. The little white butterfly in the picture below goes with the set that we got to scatter on the opposite wall. I can't believe it's done and now we are just waiting on Mia to arrive to make it complete!!!

This is the view from the bedroom door that we can see as we come in the house every day. It warms our hearts and makes us smile to be greeted with it every day as we come into the house! Can't wait for her to be in it!
This is the view from the closet. I'm proud of myself for hanging the drapery rod and blinds all by myself last weekend while Zeus was at work. NOT that a 9 mo pregnant woman should be standing on chairs with power tools, but I must say that I did a superb job! :)
This is the wall that still needs to have the butterflies scattered over it to be complete. I've got them all out of the box and ready to tack up, but want to arrange the various sized butterflies on the floor first to get a pattern down that I like. Hoping to get that done this week or at least before the little one comes. :)

Here's the last wall and her little car seat and closet. The round circle frames to the left of the closet doors are for her hand and foot prints. Can't wait to do them and hang them up there!
Baby Mia, we are SO ready for you to arrive!!!


  1. The room is absolutely adorable . . . and it is SO fun to hear/read about your excitement and love for your precious little daughter . . .

    This is getting SO close . . . =o)

  2. Thanks! It's been so fun to decorate. Makes me feel artsy and craftsy... which is very misleading! :)