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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grandma's Here!, Hospital Tour, House Rented and pre-Labor Signs

Grandma's finally here!!! :) My mom flew in late Tuesday night and will be here for the next two weeks - yay!!! Zeus and I picked her up at the airport just before midnight and then headed home, tucked her in bed and crashed ourselves. Yesterday morning we all got up and Zeus dropped my mom and I off at Michelle's house on his way to work. It was our only way here to get there since my car is still in the shop from being fixed after the little "tollway incident". Hopefully it will be out of the shop soon so that we aren't stuck places and can come and go as we need! Having two cars is definitely a luxury that comes in very handy and one that we have definitely come to take for granted! Grandma ended up having to work most of the day at Michelle's and I was so tired that I took two long naps and slept for most of the day. Zeus came and picked me up around lunchtime and we went to meet Mia's pediatric doctor. Zeus dropped me back off at Michelle's and after my second nap of the day - preceded by tears because I felt so tired and worthlessly inactive, I felt much better and played with Nathan and Christopher and even got the boys together on the same lap for the first time ever - go Auntie Darcie!!! Even worked the magic enough to get Nathan to actually HOLD his baby brother which was a miracle in and of itself! Sure hope that I have that same "magic touch" with Mia, and not the same "curse o'screaming" that I have with my niece Sadie! :(

Zeus worked until 6 pm and then met us at Mish's for pizza before picking my mom and I up to head over to the hospital. No, unfortunately it was NOT in order to deliver Mia, but to tour the hospital maternity ward where Mia will be born. Nurse Ed who was the tour guide was awesome and amazingly informative as well as humerus. We got to walk through the entire process of labor, delivery and recovery as well as see where everything was and the different options for delivery and pain management, etc. I'm so glad we were able to make it! When I called a week and a half ago to see if they had any tours coming up, I was bummed when it was so far out. Part of me hoped Mia would wait so that we could make it, and the other half was hoping she would NOT take that long to get here! :)

In other breaking news.... I HAVE A RENTER FOR MY UTAH HOUSE FINALLY!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO RRRRRRRRRRAH!!! Okay, so it IS a month-to-month renter who may or may NOT be there very long, but there's at least a month or two of double mortgages that we will NOT have to pay. Hallelujah! Also, a fellow is going today to look at the house who seems interested in buying it. He doesn't mind that there's a renter because he won't be able to move in for 3 or more months. We are SO crossing our fingers that something happens with that! It would be SUCH a blessing to have that over and done with. Cross your fingers, send positive thoughts our way, and pray like crazy for us!!! :)

In gross pregnancy news, my body is finally working on letting go so that my baby girl can arrive. I won't share the icky details, but stuff's definitely happening that points to labor any time... of course, those same signs can also take up to two weeks to manifest itself into labor, but the nurse says it means I shouldn't have to be induced since my body is kicking into gear. Hooray!!!

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  1. YAY on the renter and DOUBLE YAY on the possible sale!!! That would be SO nice to not have that hanging over your head . . . a double mortgage payment is a killer for anybody . . .

    Now you can relax (a little) and concentrate on willing that adorable cherub out . . . ;o)

    LOL @ the 'gross pregnancy news' . . . Those of us who have given birth can probably guess what you are talking about . . .

    Please know that you will continue to be in my prayers till little Mia has safely arrived . . . We love you guys!!!!! =o)