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Thursday, June 3, 2010

37 weeks tomorrow!

Tomorrow marks week 37 of pregnancy, which means there are only 22 more days until my baby girl's scheduled due date!!! This means that Mia COULD show up any time within the next 30 days or so!!! I can't believe that I will officially become a mommy SOME time this month - with a wiggly little baby girl in my arms!!! :) Zeus and I are so excited!!!

I don't think I really look ALL that pregnant from the side.

However, from the front, I think my belly more resembles a beach ball. :)

Wouldn't you agree?!?!

Also big in my life is that today was the last day of school with the kiddos! Back in February I never would have believed this day would arrive!!! :) The teachers still have another day tomorrow with a morning meeting and classroom clean-out, but can check out at 1pm if ready to go. This job has really been a blessing in so many ways and has made the time until Mia's birth go by so quickly!

That being said, today was one of the most tiring day ever!!! The last day can usually be a crazy one, but I think being in my 9th month of pregnancy made it even more exhausting than normal. I got home a little after 4 pm and decided to lay down for a "short little nap" which lasted until EIGHT PM! Oh my goodness! Can I just say it was wonderful!!! :)

It doesn't help that Mia's big enough now that I'm (just this last week or so, thankfully) started to feel more and more crowed and tired. I definitely have the pregnancy waddle now and my lower back is often achy. Another fun "side effect" of the last crowded month of pregnancy is that my acid reflux has kicked into high gear and I rarely make it through the night without suffering some sort of acid reflux problems. I also have to sleep propped up most nights which is NOT one of my favorite ways of sleeping.

As of tomorrow afternoon, I will have more time to put up my gross swollen pregnancy feet, which just started taking on that "elephant like" appearance this week and I am SO looking forward to putting them up and taking some time to BLOG! :) So much has happened this last month that I've been way to tired to post about.

Bring on summer and most importantly, bring on baby Mia!!! :)


  1. Hey Darcie,

    Way to go making it through teaching while being pregnant. You look adorable, by the way. Enjoy your hard-earned time off before Mia is born. :)

  2. YAY for more blogging (even if for the next little while I am computerless and wont be able to read what you write til later . . . Pregnancy really does agree with you, Darcie, You absolutely GLOW!!! It was SO fun to see you . . . I can't believe you guys (especially you two pregos)drove that two hours to come to Corban's blessing, but it was SOOOOOO fun to see you all . . . WONDERFUL to get a chance to meet Deena and see you and Michelle and Tiffany (AHAH I remembered her!) ;o) and Jeff and Nathan . . . That was SO fun!!! =o)

  3. You look great Darcie!! (O: I cant wait to get texts with YOUR baby Mia in a few weeks! Convince her to come like next week or at least before the 19th so I can see her!!!!