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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rolling over, growling and surgery videos

My little girl rolls over now, and I've got video to prove it.  :)  I'm not sure how to edit them so, sorry they are long, but she rolls right at the beginning of this one. 

And she grrrrrrrowls.  Be on your toes cause she growls right at the beginning.  :)  I'm thinking that she likes the feel of it in her little throat.  Silly girl!  It's been tricky to catch, and I have better ones, but my video recorder seems to be on the fritz currently and I can't get anything off it.  Sadness!  :(

Also, two days ago we got our first giggle.  It is SO cute!!!  We haven't been able to catch it on video yet besides on my cell phone, and for some reason it uploads without sound to the computer.  We'll keep trying though!

I came across these videos on the cleft group I'm a part of.  I thought they were excellent and showed wonderfully what will happen with Mia's lip repair - which it looks like she'll be having at the end of next month.  Here's that video:

The little boy in these video has a unilateral cleft lip and Mia has the double or bilateral cleft, so hers will be a little different, though the same procedure - just doubled.  When we met with the plastic surgeon last week he said that her surgery for her lip repair will take around 3 1/2 hours.  Oh my!  I try not to think about having to hand her over for that long in one short month.  :(

The following video is of the palate surgery which she'll have at between 9-12 months. 

It freaks me out a bit to think about HER having the surgery and HER being the one under anesthesia, but it's also reassuring knowing all they know about these surgeries and how many they've done.

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  1. Cute videos! I don't know what is cuter - Mia or you and Zeus watching her! It reminds me so much of when I had Nathan. I still get excited about Christopher, but I don't notice every little thing in the same way. It's just different for the later babies. Oh man, too bad we don't still live there! And Mia looks SO tiny still. My babies are ginormous!

    Those cleft videos were fascinating. I can only imagine how stressful it will be for you guys, but it's nice to know Mia is in good hands (even though I know that isn't her doctor)! Babies change so quickly the first year and I can't believe how much Mia has changed already and will continue to change! Love you guys!