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Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm going to kill my husband...

I'm going to kill my husband!  Today we met for lunch and I got Mia to laugh so I pulled out my phone to have him get it on video.  Well, she was doing some of the cutest laughs, and when the video was timed out my husband flipped shut my phone - not realizing you have to hit SAVE before closing the phone.  AHHHH!  Needless to say, Mia was done laughing when we tried again.  Sadness!  I'm sure she'll do it again though soon, and our new goal is to get it on video.  :)

Also, as of today, Mia grabs her feet and puts her toes in her mouth...even when she's in the tub!  lol  Got pics of her eating her toes today on the couch and will post them later... right now I'm too incredibly tired and heading to bed. 

Before I head off, here's my latest effort at photo editing.  Got rid of the slobber marks on Zeus's shirt and highlighted Mia's Longhorn outfit.  Hopefully it will still fit tomorrow for game day!

such a tiny little Mia!!!

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  1. Lol - someone is having WAY too much fun with photoshop! :D But Love all the pictures!

    And poor Zeus! It stinks that every phone is different on how it does stuff! Well, I am sure she'll laugh again soon. :D