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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Progress, growling and dang cute outfits!

Okay, so I'm the first to admit that the growling on the previous post was a pretty lame example of Mia's incredible growling ability.  Unfortunately it was the only available video I had access to at the time, so I gave in to peer pressure and posted it for all those asking for a video of her growling.  lol  Well, I got another one and you can definitely hear her growing in THIS one, though the picture quality isn't as good because I haven't been able to get my nice little video camera to work.  Luckily my archaic, forever old, huge digital camera has a picture mode so I was able to capture this:

As for progress,  Zeus and Mia and I went to an informational Cleft Conference this past Saturday for families with cleft affected children.  During it they were going over the different treatment options they do, and suddenly a picture of this GORGEOUS child popped up for an example of the NAM device.

That's our little Mia!

We grabbed the camera out of the diaper bag and took a picture of the power point screen as quick as we could - hence the bad quality.  What a surprise to see her sweet little face peering at us from the "big screen"!  I guess they really ARE pleased with her progress.  Yay Mia!!!  They even announced that she was "the cute little skeleton in the audience," as she wore her Halloween costume (the flyer encouraged the kids to wear Halloween costumes and they had a little party for the older kiddos during the presentation).  Hello, like I'd pass up ANY chance to have Mia wear her costume...!  ;) 

unfortunately we forgot the bow at home - sadness!

our tired little skeleton, wiped out after the conference

We had another NAM adjustment appointment on Tuesday of this week.  While we were there I asked them for a copy of the power point slide that they showed of Mia so that we could have a better copy.  They didn't have it, but had taken the pictures so they printed them out for us side by side.  Check out the difference:

my little cutie patootie!

 look how much the NAM has helped to pull down her little lip - quite the difference, and will help so much to have everything in place before she has her lip surgery

In fact, the doctor said that it looked ready to go, so she was going to talk to surgery and get it scheduled.  Wow! 

While we were there, the ladies in the office went CRAZY over her cute little outfit. :) All the office workers always check in with us when we are there to see how her progress is coming along and to fuss over her cute little outfits. Since it's October, I figured it was time to break out some of the darling Halloween hand-me-downs. It's been SO fun. They thought it was so cute that one even asked to take a pic with her cell phone and they got out the fancy camera and had us go to the photo room to take a pic to hang on the board. Too funny! Here's the little outfit she wore:

 my little fashion plate - Boo!

man how I love this little girl!!!


  1. Lol - Yes. I definitely heard the growl that time! :D

    And I love her outfits! The little skeleton and ghost! She's so cute!

  2. LOL @ the growl . . .

    Mia is already a movie star, huh? Get ready for the papparazi to descend! =o)

  3. Such a cutie! I love her little growl and her smile! Quite the personality! :) And I also love that you saw her up on the powerpoint! So fun!!