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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Groups and Photo Phun with Photo Shop

So, besides being a member of the Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate group on, I also joined a group recently called Fun Flick Mommies.  They have different "challenges" to do, with step by step instructions to fool around and have fun with digital photographs. 

This recent challenge was to change a photo to black and white and then add back in some of the color sections.  I chose some recent pics of Mia in her sassy seasonal outfits.  :)  Kinda hard to tell that they were changed to black and white first since the outfits in both photos are actually black and white themselves.  I'll have to look through my other 5 bajillion photos of Mia I might want to play with.

Here are the originals, and then the "challenge" version.

I added back in her skin and the little red heart.

I added back in her skin and the pink stripes on her leg warmers - oh, and the word BOO!

I'll keep on playing with different photos in different styles and then post them on here if I come up with anything that's worth sharing.  ;)

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