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Friday, October 8, 2010

3 months old!!!

Oh my goodness - our baby girl is ALREADY three months old and it's time for three month pictures!  :)

She's getting SO long and is still such a happy little girl!

She can sit up more on her own now.  Growing up so fast!

At three months old, Mia:
  • smiles and smiles and SMILES
  • did I mention she was smiley?  :)  even when she's tired and fussy you can usually still coax a smile out of her
  • coos at you when you talk to her
  • coos at the elephant on her car seat and at the ladybug on her bouncer
  • turns onto her side
  • likes to be read to and sung to
  • does NOT like you to stop feeding her in the middle of a bottle, even if it's to wipe up some drool - she'll start whimpering and fussing to let you know she is NOT done yet  :)
  • likes to help with feedings by trying to help hold the bottle - which makes it really tricky to feed her sometimes!
  • drools like crazy
  • is gaining better head control
  • loves to snuggle
  • has noticed the TV and gets distracted by it - which is nice for when I put in the NAM and have to wait for the denture cream to set  lol
  • reaches for things with greater accuracy
  • pulls whatever she can reach straight into her mouth
  • is content to play on the floor
  • loves the Mia song, and will calm down when it's sung to her
  • loves the Eensy Weensy Spider song and will usually smile as we do the actions
  • sleeps through the night most nights 8-10 hours
  • enjoys showers and baths
  • is so mild and relaxed
  • fusses when she gets tired, but if you throw a blanket over her and pat her bum while saying "sh, sh, shhhh" she will be out cold in less than a minute  :)
  • is such a joy and is the love of our lives!

The week before she turned three months old we finally decided to get her ears pierced.  I got sick to my stomach while we waited to get them done and I almost changed my mind.  Mia CRIED when they pierced her little ears, but we had a warm bottle ready to help calm her down.

Thank goodness it worked!

Such a pretty little lady with her pierced ears!

Couldn't resist snapping a picture of her with the bag they gave us that was almost as big as her!  lol

Man I love this little girl!

She must not have minded too much because once we got home she promptly passed out.

Halloween is rapidly approaching and I've been wondering if/what Mia was going to dress up as for Halloween.  With her cousins Sara and Sofia coming and being excited about Halloween, we decided to do costume after all so we could get pictures.  I found this little kitty outfit first, but ended up finding something else later that I liked better so this one got returned.  However, we tried it on first before deciding and had to get a few pics.  :)

Such a cute little kitty with those skinny, skinny legs!

I LOVE this one of her little face peeking out from under the hoodie.

As noted before, Mia now LOVES to try and help us feed her by "holding" her bottle.  It makes it very difficult to feed her at times and also sometimes makes it so she gets a milk shower when she bumps it out of her mouth.  lol 

It's kind of hard to see, but that's a burp rag wrapped around her arms to keep her little hands from "helping".  Silly goose!

Because of the clefting of her palate, Mia's not able to keep a pacifier in her mouth.  We saw these things called WubbaNubs online and I ordered one for Mia.  They have a stuffed animal attached so that as they get older they can hold onto the animal to keep it in their mouth.  So far, it only works occasionally, but she also enjoys just chewing and drooling on it.  :)
Aha!  Caught a pic of her hugging Raffi with the pacifier actually IN her mouth.


  1. Awww she's so cute!!!! (o: I love the long skinny legs and the puffy kitty outfit LOL So cute!!!

  2. She is SO incredibly FEMININE looking . . . I mean that sounds so funny to say, she is just a baby, but she IS. Beautiful little girl you have there, Darcie . . . and I cannot imagine what costume you found for her that could possibly be cuter than that little pink kitty (ditto to what Tania said about her skinny little legs) . . . I can hardly wait to see pictures of the costume it got returned for!

  3. That last picture is ADORABLE! I was so excited when I saw her holding an animal! I think giraffe's should be her thing. So cute! I can't believe she is three months now!

    And I agree with Aunt Sue. I want to see the costume you got that was cuter than her as the kitty. : ) I loved her little face peeking out of it as well! So cute!

  4. I love the straight jacket look during feeding! I'm jealous about 8-10 hours straight! C is a super good baby except sleeping at night!! And I agree with Sue about Mia being feminine - she just has such delicate features!