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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday

My nephew DJ's birthday was the day before they hit the road to come and visit so we made a cake for him and had our own little celebration.
DJ and his "one to grow on" candle - the only one we could find.  :)

Easter Sunday we got up at 7 am. SEVEN AM to go to early morning mass so Danny and his family could hit the road for the 6+ hour drive back to Odessa. Did I say we got up at 7 am. That is NOT our typical Sunday morning sleep in time of 9 am.

The Mass we went to was in Spanish and really made me wish I was more fluent in Spanish! The priest had this wonderfully deep and melodic voice that made it a pleasure to listen to in any language. During one of the "stand up" times, I noticed that Mia - who Zeus was holding at the time - was leaning forward and blowing loudly. It took a second for us to realize that she'd seen the candles up front (we were about three pews back) and was trying to blow them out!  lol  She's so smart and observant! She also was "hip hop" hands in the air dancing to the Mexican church band that had guitar and accordion and tried to sing along with the choir a few times.  lol  She totally cracks us up! She wore her new Easter dress from her Tia Bertha - thank you Tia! She looked so so cute!

My pretty girl in her pretty Easter dress, all showered and clean and lotioned up - almost ready for church.

Saying hello to cousin DJ before we all headed out the door. I didn't realize they matched!  :) Thank you Auntie Brienne and cousin Sadie for passing along the darling shoes, which went perfectly with the dress!

Wowza! We then picked up Zeus's dad from the nursing home and went to Sunday brunch at Golden Coral - yum! - before bidding them adieu and rushing to get ready for our next Easter gathering. Luckily, before they left Zeus thought to get a family photo. Good thinking baby!

Here's part of the Moreno clan.  :)

Our friends Olivia and Eddie had this amazingly awesome Easter party. We got to see some great friends, have some fabulous food. We had such a nice time and Olivia throws a killer party. She had the most adorable Easter baskets for all of the kids and they also did an Easter egg hunt.

The kiddos with their BEYOND adorable Easter baskets prior to the Easter egg hunt.

Mia actually kind of got the idea this time of finding eggs, though we still had to point them out.  :)

And lots of confetti eggs. This time the confetti eggs weren't quite as traumatic for her.  :)

There were TONS of them! I think there were over 12 dozen egg cartons of them and they were a HUGE hit with the kids.

Mia loved her Easter basket, especially the eggs - she loved popping them open...

...and she was a big fan of the jellybeans inside!  :)

Our good friends Robert and Melissa and their darling boys. Zeus grew up with Robert and they've been friends for forever.

Olivia, Eddie and sweet little Adelina. Eddie is Robert's younger brother and we met them when they moved here to Austin. We are SO glad they did. Mia and I can't get enough of our Olivia and Adelina time!  :)

Not sure what all was going on with Mia in this photo, and Zeus is apparently looking at another camera, but que sera!  lol  

Mia loved the gel window clings from the Easter basket she got from Olivia. Fun times!

Mia sporting her cute Easter bunny glasses from said Easter basket.  :)
Happy Easter y'all!

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  1. cute! I love Mia's easter dress, that color is perfect for her.